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Canna Caps Taking A Long Time To Take Effect

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Hypnotix, May 27, 2013.

  1. 2 days ago I took some of my canna caps (4 of them). I had eaten at 9 so took them at 11 and felt nothing for hours so assumed they didn't work but when I was in bed at 4am I started getting high and stayed high til about 5.30 when I went to sleep. Not sure why they took 5 hours to work? Can I reduce this time?
  2. did you eat them on an emty stomach?
    for fastest absorbsion its recommended to eat a small fatty meal, then wait 45 mins, then eat the cannabis product.  this will result in the fastest absorbsion.
    your body might just individually absorb slower than others, or you might have digestive issues (which is likely if you eat processed foods and GMO's and chemical pesticides....)
  3. whatever the caps were made of probably took a while to dissolve? idk
  4. I ate either a pizza or plain pasta and cheese 2 hours before I took the caps (made of gelatin). I don't usually eat processed food I mainly eat meat or fish with vetetables/salad. I did add too much lecithin to the caps so maybe that could be why it maybe I have a very slow metabolism
  5. I've had the same problems.  Do you have Crohn's Disease or any other digestive tract disorder?  I do, and I've noticed that my digestive tract does not want to break down the 00 gelatin capsules, along with many other foods that I ingest.  I now remove one end of the capsule before downing it and noticed that within 30 - 45 minutes the MMJ begins to work. 
    I also noticed that if I can't eat before taking the capsule, due to nausea, I add a few drops of almond, peppermint, and ginger oil to the opened capsule.  This seems to help (at least me) to metabolize the THC and give me much needed relief.
    I hope this helps. :rolleyes:  
  6. Thanks for the reply Julie, I don't have any digestive tract disorders that I know of but I am a bit worried about it now. I will try taking off one end of the cap next time , thanks for the tip.
  7. How much weed is in each cap.? What oil source was used..? How was the oil made? How long of a decade was used..? How much do you smoke in one day..? Did you eat beforehand..?

    All pertinent questions.
  8. I used 2g weed with coconut oil. I made 13 caps out of that so 4 caps is basically 0.5g. I decarbed for 20 mins at 210 then cooked at 220 for 40 mins then another 40 mins like in BKS instructions. When I took then I hadn't smoked for about 1 week and I ate 2 hours before (it was either pizza or pasta and cheese I can't remember).

    It takes a long time with some other caps I got from a friend but they always work eventually
  9. I can't edit my post on the mobile site but wanted to add the caps that I got from someone else were more professionally made and didn't have as much coconut oil and lecithin as mine did
  10. It's better to eat a small snack about an hour after taking the caps. I've noticed sometimes the oil "sits" in my stomach until I eat a snack and it "pushes" it down and starts to take effect. 

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