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Canna Butter with Purple Grape

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DOMPEZ, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Hi! So im fairly new to cannabutter and I've made myself a batch out of just below a half ounce of Purple Grape! I decided to use method number two from high times 5 methods they did tests on..

    I used just below half with a block of butter like you get in the supermarket, I decarbed my weed for 40 minutes at 220 far' and then proceeded to melt my butter. I took the weed out of the oven lettting all vapours return to plant before opening, I then sprinkled load of lecithin over stired then added my melted and cooled butter and stirred everything together.

    I then put it back in the oven for 45 minutes at 220 like stated in the video, I have a fan oven.
    I then took it out let it sit for 15 mins mashed then put back in for another 45 minutes at 220 like said..

    I then let it sit mashed strained and put in fridge for morning, I awoke had a look at it was seeming very brown then any other butter id made before.. Im sure the temperatures were correct and everything so I'm curious if maybe the purple bud (half green half purple) would have an affect on the color? I've had some now and it seems very strong (my tolerance is whacked out) so its hard for me to say if this would knock the socks of a irregular smoker/eater..

    The butter is a golden brown color, and stinks of weed, the butter didn't seem to burn as I checked the smoke point etc and the oven was far of it, everything seemed lined up correctly, so im just worried about the color right now..

    looking for some confirmation of any sort thanks x

    PS, i thought maybe the lecithin mite affect the colour?
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    I'm going to leave this post as is, but I'm completely wrong. OP followed the recipe. I was thinking of a different method. To be clear (don't want anyone to mess up their butter) my remarks may have some truth, but I was wrong about this post. Sorry. Damn I'm opinionated, it's hard to leave this post.
    I tried to find the recipe, but the link I have is no good. I do not remember cooking the butter after you make it. That was just plain wrong. It's hash/kief and coconut oil that gets heating and cooling, not canna butter. High Times only compared four methods, not five. The second one was scientific cannabutter and involved spraying the decarbed cannabis with Everclear to begin breaking down the plant fibers before mixing with the butter. I do remember this tech and think you're mixing up hash and cannabutter. The second heating in hash/coconut oil, in fact all additional cooking with BrassNwood's and BKS method involves 20 minutes. You cooked about everything out of your butter. I don't know what recipe you used, but cannabutter is never cooked more than once, except when baking- you make the butter then bake the cookie. Also, 4 sticks of butter is a pound to 14 grams of cannabis is 2100 mg, each cup of butter 525 mg, each 1/4 cup is 131 mg. Your butter will not be very strong, but perhaps strong enough for you. Hope it works out.
    I'll look for the video on YouTube later. Maybe I'm wrong. NOTE: I am wrong about the method used. Do not pay any attention to this post.
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  3. The second method on high times is the one were she sprinkles lecithin on top of it then puts it in the oven twice for 45 minutes! I just checked for it here it is:

    I literally followed this recipe exacly how what it asked of me, she puts it in the oven twice for 45 minutes at 220 i've checked it, so I'm not sure how you think i've masssively gone wrong here! i did infact do method number 2 as it is infact method number 1 that uses the everclear to spray on top!
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  4. There are many inefficient butter recipes available online, and this is one of them.
    If you go to the "results" portion of this High Times series, you'll see that even the best recipe retained less than 1/2 of the original thc.
    Save that strained out sludge, because it still has potency.
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  5. You're right, OP. I was completely off on this one. I checked out the video and you are spot on. Hope it turns out well. Again, sorry.
  6. No problem man! sorry for taking it so personally obviously I'm a little on edge putting over 100 pounds in the oven haha! Thanks for being so critical though I'm happy with learning and understanding new things! does anybody have any possibilities as to why my butter is so brown though? It does deffinetely get me high.. The only reasoning I can think is that maybe the fact that I used normal butter vs clarified, or the soy lecithin affecting color, or the fact the plant I used his half purple half green? as those colors together would make a brownish color?

    It smells very potent, which would indicate the butter is atleast infused with something haha, (although Ive heard thats just the chlorophyll? correct me if im wrong)

    I have retained my sludgey business, I was gonna use it for weed tea to have alongside whatever oil I've got, unless anyone knows of a better idea? I'm looking to get as much out of this Half as possible because I'm fighting allot of illnesses at the moment!

    Thank you guys sorry for being nublet

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  7. Also Bkarnaze, if you know of any better recipes out there please send them my way! I'm really trying my best to get better! x
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  8. I use a stripped down version of BadKats Hash, Coconut oil, Lecithin,
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    5 grams decarbed Hash-weed-BHO-ABV-wax-shatter-whateva
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil (any cooking oil works including butter)
    .5 teaspoon lecithin (any kind)
    Blend ingredients
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (softens material)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Makes about 30 (0) sized gel caps. about 15 doses using weed.

    Triple batch pictured here. 15 grams of hash and 3 tablespoon of oil. Net about 90 caps.
    Been doing this for a few years and have made and consumed about 24,000 caps so far and no plans on slowing down as they keep my little medical issue under control.

    This is as strong as I can make them in the back yard with minimal equipment.
    Most people see GOD on a fraction of a cap.
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  9. this looks incredibly easy and will have to give it a shot! thanks a bunch!

    still tryna work out why my butters brown though even when I followed that high times method spot on..

    any takers?

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  10. The decarb should have darkened the weed substantially and my hash oil is black as coal even though the hash starts as blond as can be so I wouldn't worry to much about the dark color.
    Part of why I use Coconut oil is it's crystal clear like water. Doesn't turn rancid like butter can.
    Has no water unlike off the shelf butter which can be up to 15% water.
    Coconut oil has a built in anti bacterial property and that makes it ideal for long term room temp storage of canna oil caps. I've had them under the seat in the work truck for 6 months with no issues.
    My starting material is dry ice kief.
    Coconut oil > over butter every time.
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  11. BrassNwood's recipe is excellent.
    Because it's easier, I prefer just decarbing herb, grinding to powder, and baking with it or mixing it into anything oily.
    The two most common ways of making maximum use of thc are to use unstrained whole herb, or to make FECO/RSO using 190 proof ethanol, and add the FECO to anything.
    But whole herb can leave slight taste or upset sensitive stomachs.
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  12. Thanks allot guys! helped put my mind to rest! In the future I plan to buy shake so I can better experiment and understand all these methods.. I plan to try and get a small hot plate like the one in BrassNWoods picture, seems like a no hassle easy way to go!

    Peace n Love x
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  13. Mate, you're no nublet, I'm a dunce. Hope this butter helps your illness.
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  14. The Mr. Coffee mug heater just fits the small stainless steel cat food dishes I work the most in.
    It keeps the hash-oil sludge hot enough to flow up the eyedropper well. To thick at room temp to work with.
    Changed to metal dishes after I shattered a ceramic one coming from the freezer to fast and lost a full load of 15 grams of hash in the oven.
  15. Nice man! yeah i've had a few issues with mason jars in the past. Do you use that hot plate to do your whole cooking process of both 20 minutes with the freezing inbetween or simply to heat your medication for easier distribution in to pill/caps?

  16. [​IMG]
    This salvaged toaster oven does it all. Decarb and all my oil cooking gets done in it setting outside on the patio on a pair of saw horses. Keeps the stink out of the house and the wife happy.
    The mug heater is usually reserved for just the actual capping step. In a pinch when I don't have enough oven space I'll use the mug warmer to bring a freezer dish back up to temp so yes it could be used for more then the single use.
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