Canna-butter or Ghee

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  1. I have a recipe for extracting the THC from dope and it's very easy. You can eat this. I have used this recipe since around 1976. I found it in an underground magazine. I don't remember the title. Here goes. First, use unsalted butter. It is available anywhere. The reason is that the salt concentrates and makes the butter bitter. Put the butter in a saucepan. Size depends on how much butter you are using. Use a medium heat to melt the butter. As it melts you will notice a "froth" on top of the butter, skim this off using a large spoon. If the "froth" does not apper increase the heat a little at a time until it does.

    After the butter has melted and the "froth" has been skimmed off you will end up with a golden colored liquid that is clear. This is called "Ghee" or Canna-butter. Now make sure your dope is dry. If it isn't then turn your oven to 200 degrees and after it has warmed up, turn it off. Now place a tray with the moist dope on it in the oven and leave it there until the oven is cold. Remove the dope and grind it up. If you have a mortor and pestal, use that to grind it up. Put the ground up dope in the "Ghee" or Canna-butter and simmer for about an hour. Then strain the butter through chesse cloth or muslim. The butter is now ready to be used as regular butter in any recipe. The Canna-butter can be frozen and lasts for 6 months to a year frozen.

    Remember, the less food you mix the butter with the better the high. Also you don't want to much food because if there's too much your stomache can't digest it in the time needed to be effective. The stomache emptys about every 1/2 to 3/4 hour and if the dope hasn't been absorbed in the stomache (more blood vessels in the stomache wall to absorb the THC) it will go into the intestines and it will not be absorbed as well. It is best in the stomache and not the intestines. I make a standard butter cookie recipe with a little exta added vanilla to help offset the taste and use a little extra butter with the Canna-butter. It helps make the cookies less dry.

    Before you try eating the cookies make sure you do it on an empty stomache. Smoke a joint or a bowl first. Then eat a few cookies. You will notice that after about a 1/2 hour or so you will start getting higher than the joint got you. The buzz is very different and lasts hours. Peace.
  2. takes a while to make it eh?

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