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Canna butter double strenght?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by IslandSmoke, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. If I make canna butter, strain it, then take more fresh weed and do the process agen, will it be twice as strong or would it be a waste because the butter can't absorb any more THC?:confused:
  2. I do believe that the oil will reach a saturation point
    but it will depend on how many canabinoids the herb has

    leaving the herb in the oil longer will increase potency too

    and forget about using butter and go with coconut oil
    Its got more saturated fat than butter
    and THC binds better to saturated fats

  3. well I'm already using butter, ill use coconut oil next time. The herb I'm using is horrible brick weed that i don't want to smoke so I'm going to try the double dose. ill post results when I'm done.
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    I've done this with oil and it works. Some points.

    1. Careful of processing temperature. Too hot for too long and you'll end up degrading active elements. I process at temperatures a little lower (about 80C) than Badkitty and have had great success with "double dipping"!

    2. You may reach a THC ceiling by double dipping though. I've asked around on this forum and elsewhere but I'm still to find solid (quantifiable) research into active ingredient absorption rates (both speed and maximum quantity) per gram of various fats/oils.

    That said, what I have done is used a little more oil than necessary for the first processing (maybe +15-25% by weight), strained out the original plant matter (I have also not strained but if you're not super on the ball with monitoring progress, it's easy to end up with a very "burnt" tasting oil) and then processed a fresh batch of material with the old oil to create a super strong double dipped batch.

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