Canna Boost vs Bloombastic Vs MOAB

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by BlazeDTO360, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. I am looking for a bloom booster. I'm running all the Canna line nutes, so I'm partial to the Canna Boost. It's kinda costly for my set up so I'm wondering about bloombastic (it's also expensive but is higher concentrated) and a friend has recommended just MOAB.

    Any experience and opinions?

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  2. I should probably also add the results I'm looking for... in this order.

    More Trichomes
    Better Taste
    Higher CBD
    Bigger Yield

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  3. That cannaboost is liquid gold. I'd save up for it if you have that option. I've grouped moab as a soil nutrient, I've had issues with mad farmer products in hydro. I've heard good results from bloombastic
  4. Thanks... I ended up going Canna Boost. Should be here in a few days

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