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    Hello and Welcome to you guys and gals!

    I've recently stepped into the light of knowledge about a product which has really peaked my interest and I'm sure it will peak many of yours just the same as my own. This product of which I'm speaking comes from a TOP SECRET recipe used for many years by a successful family of cultivators in the Humboldt hills. The family passed this recipe along after many years to one man with a dream. That man took flight with this recipe, Bottling and producing it so that all may have an opportunity at the results everyone seeks from their puppies! His company Humboldts Secret has brought this amazing product by the name of Golden Tree into my systems and for that I'm feeling nothing but pure elation! With claims of equality in performance that rivals Canna Nutrients "Boost" this product is and can be used as an ALTERNATIVE TO RHIZOTONIC AS WELL AS CANNA BOOST! The introduction of this product is quite the sight, and I must admit the plants it's fed to have quite the ability to bring your eyes immediately to its gravity.

    The All In One Supplement

    Golden Tree is a root stimulator, growth accelerator, carbohydrate loader,

    bloom enhancer, and more. It is THE All-In-One nutrient additive.

    Growers may use additionall additives if YOU want.

    It ALLOWS GROWERS TO SIMPLIFY the amount of products they stock and purchase.

    Golden Tree is mixed at a ratio of 2ML/G in Veg, and 5ML/G in Flower! Sounds easy enough right?

    Well I bet your asking yourself...Oh what's this stuff going cost me? Well surprisingly enough, The price is much MORE ACCEPTABLE than Canna Boost! Humboldts Secret supplies 1/8, 1/2, 1, and 5 Gallon bottles.

    Prices of both

    Golden Tree VS. Canna Boost

    1/8 - $50. 250ML- $33

    1/2- $160. 1L - $100

    1Gallon- $290. 5L - $460

    Obvious to most when the calculations are complete it is going to take a large amount of boost to get through Cannas feeding recommendations in any sizeable hydroponics garden... And that's going to cost GREENBACKS FROM YOUR POCKET! I was very tired of paying for Boost every time I turned around at its RIDICULOUS PRICE POINT! I wanted the same result FOR MUCH LESS OVERHEAD COST and I would not settle for less. Saving money is key when you are looking into buying supplies for the next round, Especially if WE CAN ALL SAVE AND GET THE SAME RESULTS IF NOT FAR BETTER!

    Just think about it, The dosage rates for Canna Boost are between 8-15ML PER GALLON! WHOA! That is no small amount of money for most!


    It is very important to EVERYONE that quality nor quantity is reduced in the use of Golden Tree. It is actually quite the opposite!

    Golden Tree stimulates and enhances the development and growth in plants by enhancing nitrogen assimilation and basal metabolism.

    -Enhances photosynthesis and cell division while also increasing protection against fungal, bacterial, and viral infections in plants by accumulating several phenylpropanoid compounds (PPCs) with antimicrobial activity.
    -Induces an increase in the level of essential oil and cellulose content.
    -Enhances pathogen defense
    -Accelerates root and plant growth
    -Improves the health and strength of plants
    -Fruits become fuller
    -Increases oil production
    -Practically all aspects of the plant are enhanced by the combination of organic compounds present in Golden Tree.

    This product is said by many to turn any plant it is introduced to into a "Golden Tree" and they're not lying in the least bit.

    I have been wanting to do a journal on this product for quite a while and the time is now!

    Follow this Journal if you would like to see how Canna Nutrients Boost can LITERALLY be considered CASH IN THE TRASH when compared to Humboldts Secret Golden Tree formula!

    Thank you for Viewing
    Enjoy your savings and this review! Happy 4:20!
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