Canna A+B/CalMag for seedlings

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  1. Okay, so I've found a lot of conflicting information about this, so I guess I'll ask here and see what the general consensus is.

    I've got an auto flower that just sprouted yesterday and it already had small true leaves. I know coco is a sterile medium, and I'm watering with filtered water, so I'm wondering if I may need to add some A+B or CalMag. Obviously in very low doses but I'm just not sure if the plant is ready or how much longer I should wait.

    Plant is in a 5-gallon pot and medium is ReadyGro Moisture formula, it's either my Jack Herer auto or White Widow auto.

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    Couple more days and I usually give them a weak dose of calmg. Don't listen to any of that 3rd or so true leaves bs, if they start to yellow they need food which is always before the 3rd set for me.
  3. Cool man, thanks for the advice. Yeah flushed them a few days ago and then watered yesterday with weak CalMag and Rhizotonic. Gonna give them some weak A+B as well next time, about 3 more days.

    Here's what they're looking like now ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415065693.639549.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415065718.556561.jpg
  4. Maybe just leave it for a bit, one on the left looks to have a little burn on the lower tips and one on right seems happy without it atm.

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