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  1. hello gc
    I've been growing for awhile and posting on many forums but decided to give gc a go.
    I've recently switched from soil to hempy buckets but in the past I've tried just about every medium and method.
    After 15 yrs I was able to finally turn off my trusty 400mh and have since gone pcb led board.
    I'm using a 2x4x5 tent to veg with approx 130watts of led.
    2x3x5 cabinet to flower with 180watts of led.
    Glr or 12:1 for veg and 8/16 to flower
    Been running almost all bodhi for the last few years.
    I'll post some pics from past grows later and will try to keep this updated.

    I'm open to all feedback both positive and negative but I don't tend to like being talked down to or ridiculed.
    I know my methods are unusual and not for everyone but they work for my situation.
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  2. Currently in my flower cabinet there's
    1space monkey
    1more cowbell
    2lucky charms
    2false teeth
    My veg tent is packed with seedlings
    6 dank Sinatra
    5 space monkey
    5 more cowbell
    4 lucky charms
    2 field trip
    1 Hindu hashplant
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  4. Here's a pic from a couple runs ago.
    There's went 47days under 160watts
    Yielded decent
  5. IMG_2496.JPG

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  6. Glad to see ya over here too
    Look forward to more of this reduced lighting schedule
    Veg your doing 12 on 1 off?
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  7. No sir
    12:1 is 12 on 5.5 off 1on 5.5 off
    It works for me.
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  8. Cool must work better than going 13 straight hours?
  9. 13 hours would flower on most strains.
    Need at least 14 plus in my experience.
    But 13 is certainly cheaper then 18 or 20 most people use
  10. Hell even then some strains will still flower at 14 not a lot but some.

    Grow journal
  11. Yes it will save ya a little bit. I really like the 10 hours in flower so far. That is saving 2 hours of 900watts running everyday.
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  12. The 12:1 saves even more.
    On 10/14 vs 12/12 you save 2 hours per day however in veg using glr I use 13 instead of 18 so I save 5 hours per day.
  13. I am going to work on my veg cycle eventually too. It isn't as important cause it's only 72w. Big savings is in the 900w flowering lights lol
  14. Well if u ever run more wattage in veg then it may be a bigger issue.
    I only use 120w to veg right now but eventually I'll have way more going.
  15. man my 72w in my 4x2.5x5 tent is killing it
    right now my clones are going to outgrow it lol
    they are actually clones from the lady i harvested just tonight
    the indica from seed is about where i want it
    if you got time check out my xxx og i just harvested
  16. I've seen your plants on the other forum looks like a worthwhile haul for sure.

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