Canines & "liquid fish"?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by clonemeister, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Ok, I began using liquid fish, organic fert.s on my grow this year, and since then I've had three plants dug up by dogs. I know from the tracks it was dogs. I'm geussing the smell of decomposing fish is attracting them? Any thoughts, or anyone experience this before?

    The rest that I put in the ground will have 1/4in. mesh buried in a circle around the base to prevent any further losses. I used this method last year against moles, and it worked great, hopefully it'll stop the dogs too.
  2. Well a couple days after posting, I had 4 more plants with holes dug near them and, once again lots of dog tracks. Turns out the dogs weren't the diggers, they were after the critter digging the holes. I found this out when I went to check them one day and heard a big commotion near my grow. The scene I walked up on was pretty grisly by the end. Right in the middle of my grow three dogs were playing tug of war with the culprit, since then , no more holes. Who or what was the culprit? Well, at the risk of offending animal lovers, I'll show you. The dog in the pic was the smallest of the three and she layed there and napped while I checked my plants.

    Warning: Look no further at this thread if you are a member of any animal rights group, or if you become easily disturbed. The animal in this pic fought hard, but to no avail. It was most assuredly feral, no domestic animal could've put up the fight this critter did, so no one is missing a beloved pet. Btw the three dogs all came away with visible wounds, and they kill almost any wildlife that enters this area.

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