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  1. i want to candyflipp but i want to know if it would be better to get molly, insted of roll pill
  2. probably a pill because if the pill is pressed with something else good it could make the experience a whole lot better. i think it's probably preference though. try both and see what you like
  3. hell, if you have the opportunity to get REAL molly, get it. (just because its CALLED molly doesnt make it pure x!! I can call powdered sugar molly but does that make it that? nope)

    sorry, just had to say that for people who just insist on arguing that molly is less likely to be cut than a roll, because thats absolutely retarded.
  4. if you know the roll is straight then by all means pop it anywhere from 2-3+ hours after dropping cid.
  5. That's too long, IMO. I'd say when you're peaking, or mostly up, which is more like 90 min-2 hours. When I hippyflipped (boomers and mollly) I parachuted molly powder like 60-75 minutes after eating the mushrooms.
  6. It's never too late to pop your X it will always be bliss no matter how late you take it. If you would like to sync your peaks though by all means go ahead and do so, I'd like to try it sometime, but it might get intense! :)
  7. when i candyflipps i took pill right before the cid, and body high was so intense i couldn't move, it was the fucking shit, and the palm trees were smiling at me:D good fucking times

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