Candyflipping(E and Mush)

Discussion in 'General' started by XUFCshroomeryX, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Have any of you guys tryed this? If so.. How did you like it? would you reccomend it? explain to me the high as best as you can.. Ive done them both individually now wanna know what the combo is like..
  2. Candy flipping is E and acid. Never tried it.
  3. I'm so doing it some time!!

    Onetime I had a hit of E and hit of Acid and was going to do it, and some fucker stole it!

    But I wanna do a hit of E and a 1/8th of mush, or maybe even a 1/4 at the same time...
  4. i thought E + shrooms was x-missles
  5. E and shrooms is hippyflipping.
  6. Haha that's funny, I was at a party the other night and heard this term and I was curious as to what it meant. As soon as I heard it I made a mental note to post a thread asking what it is. I guess you beat me to it UFC. So it is X and acid right? Yeah.
  7. Acid and Ecstasy = candyflip
    Mushrooms and Ecsstasy = Hippyflip

    There just names though=/
  8. the x makes the shrooms chill and relaxed but still in the mushroom world
  9. ^^ yea thats what I assumed man

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