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  1. So I plan to go to Get Lucky! on the 13th of next month. (For those not aware, it's a rave.)
    It's going to be my first time candlyflipping.
    Now I've done plenty of acid, and plenty of ecstasy in my time, but I'm not sure how many hits to rolls I should take.
    I usually take three hits when I fry. So I figure that's what I'll take this time.
    How many pills should I get? I want to be rolling the whole time I'm frying. I'm just worried that I won't buy enough pills to keep it going the whole night.
  2. 0.00: Drop two hits
    1.30: Drop X
    2.30: Drop X

    You should be good then but pop as needed! :D HAVE FUN!!!
  3. Awesome! Thanks much.
    I've heard people talk about candy flipping before, and it sounds really fun.
    I love acid, and I love x.
    Just never really asked them the best order to take them in, or how many hits to pills.
  4. When it comes to candy flipping, I've always felt that you want the LSD sensation to be stronger than the MDMA.... So for me at least, I would dose 2 tabs of acid for every roll I took.

    2 tabs, 1 roll
    4 tabs, 2 rolls

    I love ecstasy, don't get me wrong but I don't like my ecstasy to overpower the psychedelic sensation. Just be sure to dose your ecstasy 45-60 minutes after your acid though, you don't want to be coming down off ecstasy while still having your face melt from the acid
  5. Yeah, coming down from x while frying would be no bueno.
    My come downs are always so depressing. >_<

    And smoking some herb definitely wouldn't hurt the flip, would it?
    Herb makes everything better, it seems. So I'm sure I'll be blazing as well.

  6. Blaze to your hearts content! I'd love to have some of this redonkulous purple kush my dude had while flipping.
  7. I'll be having some of what my dealer calls afghani train wreck.
    Had it before. It's intense.

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