Candyflip question!!!! Important :D

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Just wondering how long you wait after taking the cid before you drop the E. Ive heard at the same time all the ways up to like 5 hours after....thoughts?

  2. My first thought was a little out there in left field, but here it is:

    Ask the drugs when you should take them. They'll let you know when they're ready to be taken. Just listen...

    Kinda weird, huh? I bet that if you tried it that way, though, the drugs would really tell you. It's like trusting what the universe is telling you to do. Sometimes it's worthwhile to do drugs that way. It might be worth a try... :cool:
  3. I didn't know drugs could talk!

    But I'd wait about 5 hours.
  4. I have waited 45min- 1 hr before with normal results, how much L you dropping and in what form
  5. They don't... they just sort of make this low moaning sound...! :D :smoking: :D
  6. its blotter, but its really strong, and its around, or a little more than one.

  7. woot, 200 posts!

    But ive also heard to wait for certain things to happen on the cid before you take the E. Does anyone know where a timeline is of around what times after ingestion you feel what? I looked on erowid and i couldnt find anything that had a lot of info on it about this.

  8. When I candy-flipped I found myself wishing I had just dropped 'cid or just rolled. The combination seemed to diminish the effects of both.
  9. id take the x first then when u start feelin minor ephuric .. when u tart rollin.. drop ur tab .. that just what i would do .. i never epxerinced w/ it tho
  10. you would have already come down from the x when youre peaking on acid, that sounds majoryly negative to me imo.

    i dont know what kinda of acid yall do, but my peak is normally in 2-3 hours of onset.

    so id parachute the roll at 3 and half hours in.
  11. take the cid 2-3 hours b4 u take the x, and i would parachute the x also it come up quicker when the acid is about to take hold

  12. hhahahahhahahhahahhahahha i have heard it :smoking:

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