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Candy question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Enzo$&@123, Feb 19, 2023.

  1. Can I just melt a candy or licorice that I like and melt it ,add RSO, mix & let it cool.
    I got my eyes on this box of Panda

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  2. I suggest doing a virgin batch and see how the candy acts, I've read you cannot melt gummies and add cannabis oil. What we have done is drop concentrated tincture on PEZ or Smarties candy. After the alcohol evaporates the THC is left behind. They were strong enough for naive users to get high off one or two.
  3. I'm not sure about melting candies and mixing it but I don't see why it won't work. I have been adding doses of strong tincture to jello with good results.,and I have dripped it on a cookie and that worked as well.,
    Just smearing rso on anything and eating it should get you goin I would think.,It may not taste good but it should work.
  4. Youll want to use a "double boil" method to melt it. Look it up on youtube. But yeah most candy will melt and reconstitute just fine. I use jello for my gummies simply because its cheap. It let me really play around with recipes and get exactly what i wanted.
  5. Would you share your recipe for gummies? I found them to be too much of a fuss compared to just spiking jello.,Thanks.,
  6. I follow advice like this, many different sources agree

    I go as high as 275f (135c) when making my edibles in a bake (pies, cake, tarts)
    Candy is tricky as the temps tend to be higher
    THC evaporates at 390f (199c) but starts degrading at around 314f (157c)
    Spend a few dollars on a candy thermometer and add your RSO during the cool down phase
    Depending on your carrier you can get separation
    Typically processed candy has binders and other additives that should help the RSO mix in and hold

    Don't make many gummies or hard candy anymore
    All chocolate and syrup with a little oil for bad pain days

    IMG_20230219_124120.jpg IMG_20230213_111513.jpg IMG_20230213_104927.jpg IMG_20230213_105002.jpg IMG_20230213_105655.jpg IMG_20230213_104450.jpg

    Some infused blueberry compote and some 1:1_THC/CBD chocolates
    Flower extraction is last pic on the right
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  7. I guess it’s easier to just put it in a gel cap.

    I found that if you spray caned air upside down it freezes the oil to make it easier to work with. Just don’t spray glass, it can shatter. I use metal bowl and parchment.

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