Candy pipe?

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  1. What up fellow GC family, so I came across an interesting find yesterday and wanted some info on it. Went into a Diversity Tat/Piercing/Smoke shop yesterday, and when looking in the case with their selection of pieces, I noticed they have these pipes made out of candy, came in a bunch of different flavors. Doesn't really seem like my kind deal, but I thought it was interesting and wanted to see what you guys thought of it. Anyone have any experiences with one? Thanks:wave:
  2. i imagine smoking sugar is not good for you
  3. This is true. More than anything I thought the concept was different and interesting, just doesn't appeal to personal use for me. I like the pieces I have, going to have to post some pics here soon and get some name ideas
  4. the sticky fingers I'd get from holding the pipe would give me the worst anxiety.
  5. Haha I didn't even think of that before. I could see how that would make sense. Or if you smoke a shit ton and the whole thing starts to melt away, probably more of a hassle than anything
  6. What are they going to make next fucking licorice papers XD?
  7. How would you smoke out of it AND eat it?
  8. Ya know I wondered that myself when I looked at it lol crazy stuff man
  9. I like the taste of weed, why cant I just get high and then eat candy afterwards when I get the munchies like normal?

    WTF whats next a Popsicle Bong---GTFOH

  10. It sounded sick till I thought about trying to eat it afterwards and getting a mouthful of disgusting res
  11. i dunno man, but like a hard candy mouthpiece that fit on a glass pipe would be sick

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