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  1. I wish i could call ALL of these mine... but theyre a friends.. :( i will hopefully be gettin some of my own in the next few days but for the mean time just wanted to post these and see if anyone has seen/heard anything bout them.







    any info would be schweeet.. oh and im in the southeast, tennessee to be specific if that helps..
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    A couple of those look good, but I wouldn't be TOO disappointed they're your friend's... Some of them look an awful lot like some pipes I've come across x.x...

    Edit: I've also seen the stars here:

    Oh, and outpress = badddd. The supermanzes look pretty good o_o
  3. ive heard the barts are pipess, but which ones look good cause i might to keep 2 :hello:
  4. How are those green barts?
  5. those are some pretty clean presses, as in not fucked up looking

    im pretty sure the bart simpson SHAPED ones are the pipe bombs, not the stamped ones, but that shit changes all the time, best bet is to just get a testing kit
  6. ive spent the last few minutes on PR and bluelight searching and EVERYTHING ive heard about anything with bart on it have been bunk or pipes. so i dunno for sure bout them, but im not the one takin them so ill just give him a heads up which he'll most likely blow off, and ill just see how he likes them and go from there.

    ohh and bout the test kits.. im guessin those can only be bought online? if not where might someone find one??
  7. the bart stamp is a pipe i saw a report on them on

    the not the head shaped one's but those

    And that outpressed one was tested clean on

    i'd research before i picked 2
  8. [noob]what does pipe mean?[/noob]:confused:

  9. thankyou, ive been searchin localy and couldnt find them but that sure as hell looks like em to me. too bad they're pipes..... and so are you saying that the barts i have are pipes or good? i's confused

  10. Benzylpiperazine.
  11. Shitty XD
    I dont like the stuff, tried it once, not to fun, just scared me shitless.
  12. Hey man, Im from TN and ive had the same stars and barts.. the barts are pretty damn good. i was skeptic at first due to the pipe bart/homer/transformers/ninja turtles/obamas heads going around, but they are good! I had green rounded off five point stars like those and didnt roll... about 2 hours in i felt like i was on Lucy or a psychedelic of some sort.. maybe 2cb.
  13. im fuckin jeolous i ate 4 beans yesterday and didnt even roll that hard i was disapointed :[
    i think that orange thin one is 2cb
  14. Thiz is what it is.

  15. awesome to hear from someone in TN with some good info. THanks man! and yea i talked to another girl tonight who had taken the stars in TN and she said it was like a REALLY strong DXM trip. Luckily im getting one bart and a superman so hopefully theyll me goood :D
  16. Barts are nasty.
    Stars are iffy.
    Superman looks legit.
    Try tasting each pill, if it's sour, burns your tongue and tastes like battery acid it's pipes.
    If it's just a nice bitter taste then it's prob mdxx.
    Buy a cheap Marquis tester, they're only like $20 and that'll tell you if it's an mdxx substance or not.

  17. tested them last night. the stars are dxm, the barts and supermans are both legit. from that ive heard the superman's are the best, but the barts were also pretty good from what i was told from three diff people that took them. maybe we got a diff batch than you? i think we're gettin some G's up Hoes down soon which ive heard are realllllyyy good so im pumped for that! :hello:

    btw thanks for all the info blades!
  18. Ive been looking for some nice rolls in my area lately and supposedly the superman rolls are supposed to be awesome. The supermans in my area are red and people label them as triple stacks but i dont go by that.

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