Candy-flipping trip report.

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    Long read...

    A few weeks ago, I tried some acid. Me and my buddy split 3 hits of it, so 1.5 each, and I had very little effects. Basically some leaves wiggled, and there was some color blurring.

    I score two more hits of acid three days ago, and take them at 3:45 in the afternoon, at 4:00 I take .1 G of MDMA in a capsule. 4:35 I start to feel the molly kicking in, by 4:45 I'm feeling very comfortable. I smoked a few bowls to myself of some dankity dank, and by 5:00 I'm feeling a bit different than I ever have.

    I leave my GF (she's doing homework) and walk to my buddies house, the one who gave me the LSD. It was windy earlier in the day, but now the wind is high and there are lots of clouds, moving fast. The sun shining through the clouds looked cool, and I was only starting to get visuals, so I made a mental note to take a look at them in about an hour. Walking to my friend's house, I noticed that I didn't feel in control of my body. I was thinking things like "Oh, feet, look out for that gravel," and they would move around the obstacle.

    I noticed that I kept paying attention to colors, and my eyes were especially attracted to nature, so things like flowers and leaves. The way the grass moves the wind, and the sound of everything together. I hopped the fence to my friend's house, then noticed it was his neighbors house. Back over the fence, ten feet further down. They're playing Need for Speed on xbox... least realistic racing game I've ever seen.

    Me and two friends smoke a gram of herb, and I turn to look at one of them, and something about his face is pretty crazy.... I then look at a poster, of a naked chick, and notice her skin is doing crazy shit, can't quite place my finger on what's going on yet. It's now about 5:20, and I'm in a very open, loving mood, quite talkative and surprisingly eloquent. Also, tripping balls.

    I got a ride from my friend to the store, picked up some cigs and drove home. He drove way too fast and scared the shit out of me. Different story though. Once home, I met the friendliest, craziest cat ever. He's pretty small, and has solid grey short hair that feels like a stuffed animal, so damn soft. I knelt down to pet him and he jumped onto my knee, then crawled onto my shoulder. I named him Chester; for some reason it fits.

    Stopped in to say Hi to my GF, then took a long walk across town to my other friend's appartment. I took another .1 G of molly while I was home, and started full on thizzing by about 6:00. On the walk to the apartment, I stopped and stared at the sunset through the broken clouds.

    While I was walking, I felt like I could hear and see everything around me interacting. I could see the cells in grass growing together, I could hear each individual cylinder in each engine in each car firing seperatly, and hear the sound that each tire made on the ground.

    A myriad of colors like I've never seen exploded in never-ending, always expanding and collapsing pastel fractals, the sun shining through the clouds looked like the scene from another world. Fractals inside of fractals everywhere I looked, not just the sunset; this was a pervasive theme throughout the day. This sunset was literally the most beautiful thing I've seen in my entire life. I feel complete euphoria, and every step I take is more fun than the next. The way I explained it to a friend was with this analogy...

    "You know when you're in bed, and feel like if you rolled over, it would be more comfortable? What if every time you rolled over, you could get even more comfortable? That's what it's like being me, every step I take, every move I make, makes my day that much better." -- I'm glad he wrote that down.

    I think the euphoria was caused by the MDMA? It was different from a normal molly high though.

    Skip the walk and fast forward to the appartment. It's someone's birthday party, and they're throwing it here. We had just won our first game of the season (WSU FOOTBALL!) ((I know we suck)), and there was a ton of energy in that room. I seriously sat and tripped balls for the next five hours or so, smoking hookah, smoking weed, talking to friends. I was so high, I thought I could read people's minds. Not exactly... more like their thought processes. I could see each minute movement of their eyes and their facial muscles; the timbre of their voices... everything was completely in tune.

    During the party, I got a ride back to my place... one last .1 G capsule of MDMA, and back to the party. The acid has worn off a lot by this point, (10:00), but I'm still having a lot of distorted visuals, and still pretty high on E.

    The day winds to a close at 1:00, and my GF comes and picks me up. We watch an episode of Weeds, then 'go to bed.' I lay in bed until about 8, when my GF woke up for school, but what a crazy 7 hours it was. I may have drifted off a few times during the night, but it doesn't matter.

    I had left music on, and when I closed my eyes I was getting the most intense closed eye visuals ever. At first just geometric patterns and fractals and such, but then crazy things that looked like Jimmy Hendrix album artwork. After a few hours of patterns, my mind began to create a movie. Just action scenes, but it would go something like this....

    * A fish is swimming along, chasing a smaller fish, he catches it, and eats it, but then gets caught in a net. The fish is dumped into a holding bay, and the boat sails over super rough water, it comes into port, and smashes against the concrete peirs, one of the sailors flys off and lands on the shore, he picks himself up, and gets on a motorcycles, the motorcycle is driving down the road when it gets abducted my aliens (I remember them, they looked like ameobas), the spaceship goes to another world, inhabited by cowboys... *

    I'm going to stop there, but you get the idea. Each scene was only a few seconds long, and merged perfectly smoothly into the next one.

    Next day, I was pretty E tarded, and my jaw hurt like a mofo. I got the jaw clenches so bad during the night... So, next time, more acid, less MDMA!

    Best day of my life though, and that's saying something.

    Also, my GF and I have been dating for 11 months, for some reason, about a month ago I fell out of love with her... and I thought she was the one. After this night, I am back in love with her? Totally and completely, I think that acid made me realize what I really want in life; it gives you DAYS to think.

    Here's some fractals, for those who don't know what they are. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I forgot to mention the spiritual side of the trip in detail, sorry, but to sum it up... everything is completely connected, and nothing matters at all. We are all so small and our connections so insignificant that our existence doesn't even cause a ripple beyond the first few million connections. It made me wonder... what would change if I were to die? Nothing.

    Haha, I forgot to add this part. When I got home from the party, my GF and I made love (definitely the only way to describe it). Without a doubt the hottest, most passionate sex ever. Afterwards, when we were lying together, she told me that she had been feeling differently about me recently... that she felt like she was falling out of love too (we had talked about it, but chosen to stay together), but that for some reason she fell back in love with me tonight. Crazy, I know.
  2. awesome trip report
    cant wait till i get my hands acid :devious:
  3. sounds like ya had an awesome time man. candyflippin is my favorite thing now. im working on my experience with it in a different thread, i was at harvest fest and spent three days with those wonderful ladies lucy and molly.

    at the wookiefoot show was the highlight and the music and lights and ppl all came together in the an intensely vibrant and loving feeling. wow, and the drum circles afterword. such an amazing time.

    but unfortunately no passionate sex with the gf
  4. I wish I could have been at a music festival, or even with other people tripping, it was a pretty lonely place. Music sounds/looks sooooo good on acid! I'd heard about it, but I just couldn't believe it.
  5. well next summer dude make your way to minnesota or some place else. theres a bunch of awesome festivals here. everyone just vibing, living and loving life. its a incredible time, ya meet so many great people

    at 10k lake fest i met a white british girl named jamimah, she was awesome
  6. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I never, ever have dreams. Since my trip I've had some seriously fucked up ones. Yesterday, I was in a department store dressed like SWAT, chasing something that looked remarkably like Stitch (lilo and stitch?). Only problem was, the floor had no traction at all, and every time I turned to another isle, I slid into the next one, like I was sliding into home base or something. When I finally caught him, I picked him up and tried to light it with a zippo lighter.

    Last night, I was in a Pharaohs tomb.... on the border of Mexico. There were lots of water fountains around, I drove a humvee... the Mexican border patrol didn't like us there, probably because my friends were trying to steal the pharaohs head. There was also a full sized ship somewhere in that. A lot like the titanic. Are these normal dreams? I shit you not when I say I don't remember a single dream my entire life, until these.
  7. i have dreams but dont usually remembe them, at least havent for awhile. except for a few days up to a week or two after i tripped. since the 13th ive had a lot of very vivid, lucid and somewhat lucid dreams, and some pretty intense ones like i could feel everything just like i did when i was on acid.

    the mind is one crazy thing. none of my dreams were bad, in fact most were pretty fun. in a lot i was back at the festival going around playing in drum circles and chillin with different ppl.

    the first time i dropped was back in july and after a few weeks these type of dreams stopped. now that ive dropped again theyre back, idk maybe if i drop every few weeks or so ill always have awesome dreams. definitely makes sleeping even more fun
  8. Without a doubt they've been a lot of fun for me too, but most of mine are super adrenaline packed, and I wake up amped and breathing heavy.

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