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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by steel, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Any of you dudes out there like candles?

    Even before I blazed I always liked having one in my room. Now that I do blaze, I love candles even more. I know most people just go gung ho on the febreeze after their done smoking, but I love lighting a candle and watching the flame. And then scent is never too overpowering, unlike some sprays.
  2. Steel gotta be honest here I am the same. When I went to the U.S back in November I went nuts at bath and body works and bought those scented candles I bought cinnamon and vanilla, sweet pumpkin and cinnamon etc etc and I leave them in my room. Even when they're not burning they give off a lovely scent.

    I love in-scents too. I have an in-scents burner that I frequently burn whilst smoking. It creates an awesome ambience and if anyone walks in my room they don't get suspicious they just assume it's the in-cents or the candles :p
  3. i light candles every time i them
  4. I burn sticky bumps (surf wax) candles cause they smell great and my friends don't hate on them. I need to buy more of those.
  5. vanilla candles and incense are the shit i love em
  6. I leave them on whenever I smoke inside my room with a sploof....they work. Vanilla is my favorite. Too bad my mom always gets apple cinnamon and some other berry shit :( ugh! I also like lavender. Anything floral or sweet like vanilla :) haha but I'm a girl I think I am suppose to love scented candles by default. I saw the other day at the dollar store that they had a huge variety of scented candles...I'm totally going there and stocking up :)
  7. Roy careful at the quality of those candles I did a few times went to the dollar store and stocked up. It ended up with a shit load of melted wax everywhere and no scent. So just check the quality of the candles.
  8. I use candles to light my joints in my bedroom :)
  9. Yea I just picked up one of these.

    Smells real good.

    my mom was like wtf you need that for lol.
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