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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Redmetal, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. this is somewhat of a noobish question, hints why its in apprentice tokers, anyhoo. im out of insense, but i have a dick load of candles, will they hide the smell, or no? has anyone tried it?
  2. Candles help, but don't rely on them. I like the Febreze candles from Wal-Mart.
  3. Just do yourself a favor and smoke outside and you won't have to deal with that non sense. If not then just crack open a window and blow the smoke out like that. After you're done either turn on a scented candle or spray some febreze close to the window in case some of the smoked lingered in the room and you'll be good. It can help but nothing will cover the smell completely except for Ozium I guess but even then it's just unnecessary stress.
  4. Go into the bathroom, put your towel under the door, turn the shower on as hot as possible, toke up, and blow the smoke into a sploof.

    Unless you're concerned with your water bill, this is the best way to do it as far as I've known. There's no trace of the smell at all afterwards and you can take an amazing shower after you're done. Haha :cool:
  5. Stoned showers are pretty amazing.
  6. yeaah, ive done that before, it works awesome-ly. i was just wondering, for future use..
  7. incense is the best thing to cover up the smell
  8. Don't even get me started :D

  9. Yeah it's the best.

    To answer the question I think if you lit a "dickload" of candles it would be somewhat helpful. But you might wanna just go outside or blow the smoke out of a window.
  10. Incense is pretty good, if not the best. But if you are burning incense, everyone will know you're burning anyways.
  11. I usually have candles burning inside and incense for outside. My mom doesn't like the smell of incense in the house. But when I move out and go to college, I'll be burning incense all the time.

    Candles work fairly well. I'm using a vanilla one right now. The smell fills up the whole room.
  12. If you put a scented candle behind a fan it does the job quite nicely! Although I prefer spray or breathe out of a spoof/with a carbon filter.
  13. Leave a pack of hotdogs out on your dresser for about a week. The smell of the rotten hot dogs should be enough to mask the smell of the herb. :smoke:

    Candles do work, but you can do better
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