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Candle wick as Bee Lasso?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stitches326, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So, bee lasso is essentially candle wick, right?
    So if i use a candle with a long as wick on it, will it preserve the flavor and whatnot?
    just got myself some g13 btw :D
  2. Generally wicks are made of cotton fibers and dipped into petroleum based waxes both very bad for smoking from.
  3. Is this guy actually Soundrone?

  4. well of course it is...GEEEZ...
    You think people would LIE about who they are on the interwebbers thingy...why it is a bastion harbor of truth in the known multiverse....:p

    to the OP, as per the topic...are you dense or what? Can you not dope out the materials list and conclude if cotton vs hemp and petroleum vs bees wax, being burnt and inhaled, has any health concerns...(hmm, actualy, burning anything and inhaling is bad...but lets stick to the 'very fucking bad' vs 'sorta bad' why don't we..:D)

    I really feel that education systems today deserve a big have no clue how to think, how to derive and postulate theorems of grand scale topics, much less research little subjects of this.:(

    oh well it's up people...DOG is going to press the reset button soon...:hello:

  5. You sir, quite literally have the balls to say what I cannot.

  6. That's cball for ya! :p

    But yeah, as per everyone else, I wouldn't use the candle wick. They make specific products (hempwick) for this for a list of good reasons.
  7. I quite like him. And you too. Sheldon is the posterboy for autistic spectrum disorders; I can laugh with him...

    I do believe this thread had run it's course. Sensible answers have been given. Let's hope the OP acknowleges this.
  8. Hi I'm new here and I think I have a question that relates to the topic. okay so I was on here looking at people showing bongs and rather then using a lighter they used what looks to be like a wick or something closely resembling one. what exactly is it and what is the benefit of using it? I know this question to some may be like duuuh, but around here i've only seen people use lighters so it caught my attention when i saw whatever being used.

  9. What you are referring to is Hempwick. Hempwick is organic hemp fibers, spun into a little rope (thickness can vary, depending on preference) and dipped in beeswax.

    You light it, and the beeswax burns with the hemp to provide a safer alternative to using butane lighters (butane itself is not bad, but the impurities in the commercial grade butane is worrysome, along with the cheap design of a bic that allows much more fluid and gas flow than needed for the combustion).

    It also helps to enhance the flavor of what you are smoking. I find a noticeable difference when using beeswax and butane now. It just feels cleaner to use the hempwick also. It's hard to really explain, but I do see a difference (would love to try a blind taste one day).

    It is also arguable a smoother smoke that comes from it, since the flame is burning at a much lower temperature than a lighter is. Which will also help you to burn less bud and have more to smoke, rather than torching away with the lighter.

    The OP was asking if an ordinary candle wick could be used in place of Hempwick.
  10. So I take it these wicks are available in head shops then. Thanks for the reply DrSheldonCooper. I don't smoke or vape (depends on the mood) that often but I do like to know I'm getting the most out of it.

  11. Yes, most of your local headshops will definitely carry a brand name of hempwick. But if you are looking to get the most out of your smoking experience, then definitely consider picking up some. If you barely smoke, you can get $5 of the stuff that will last you a good amount of time. And it will help your weed last even longer, since you a torching less of it at a lower temperature (in theory, of course).

    I give it the doctor's recommendation ;)
  12. In that case, and the others you've listed, I will be picking some up next time I'm in the area of one. Thanks for helping a noob out :D

  13. No problem, and welcome to the city :smoke:

  14. I'm batshit high at the moment, is this a yes or no? :smoke:

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    yes i surf grasscity

  16. Sorry if I'm all gibberish, I'm stoned.
    Yeah man, I'm subbed to you on yt :smoke:
  17. you good ......oh cool thanks bro .....

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