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Candle jar airtight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xv9186, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Is a candle jar like this airtight?

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  2. I literally use the same exact thing to store my bud in.

    Its completely airtight.
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    Alright thanks. Any smell at all?
  4. fill up a sink and put it underwater
  5. None.

    Sometimes when I'm smoking outside with my vaporizer, I'll take the lid off and use it as an ashtray.
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    Thats a good idea, and i never kept my bud in a jar before, i usually just keep it in the bag and just put it somewhere. So would it be better to keep it in a bag and put it in the jar? Or take it out of the bag?
  7. Wrap some clingfilm around it if you're that worried :smoke:

    But it looks completely airtight.
  8. well, seeing as most bags aren't airtight then it might dry out faster or lose it smells quicker in comparison to being in an airtight jar. The extra packaging isn't necessary, considering the jar is already airtight, but it wouldn't hurt either.

    I usually keep my nugs in mason jars (from my harvest) and then whenever I grind up a nug or two I'll load that in my vapor bowl and put the excess in my Emma jar (candle jar) for future usage. If you want to maintain the smell more effectively, just put all of your nugs in the jar and break them up periodically as you smoke them.

    Good luck :smoke:
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    So would the smell leak out of the jar more if the weed is in a bag or not in a bag?
  10. No man, its airtight, and the usage of the bag won't change that.

    It won't smell at all regardless.
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    Oh alright thanks haha
  12. haha i use candle jars too.. it works no smell, and keeps it fresh.
  13. definitely air tight.
  14. How do you get all of the candle wax out of the jar ? Once you do, how do you clean the jar ?
  15. It'll probably be easier for you to buy a jar that didn't contain a candle perviously, because usually its just less work to spend a couple extra dollars to buy a brand new, clean candle/emma jar.

    If you wanted to go to the hassle though, I suppose you could heat the wax with a butane lighter until it liquifies and slowly pour it out, cleaning it out with soap and water and drying it afterwards.

  16. I think that would take hours lol

  17. yeah man, just go buy a mason jar or something i dont think theyre too expensive i think you can get a dozen of them for a few dollars
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    Boil some water in a pot, and throw the candle in. It all melts and then throw it in the trash

  19. I doubt it. If you have a good lighter it should take no more than 15 minutes, considering that most of the wax in the jar is gone because the candle has burned through. If you're trying to remove an entire candle from a jar, you're better off just leaving it in there.

    Sometimes I'll make candle art or create my own candles, and I use one of these lighters. Its a pretty effective melting tool.


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