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Candies or pills for migraines?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jimbobbybob, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. My sister gets terrible migraines and her doctor prescribed her oxycodone, anyone know of any good candy or pill recipes that won't get you stoned but instead take the pain away? Also I don't want to make an oz of weed into it, just small amounts. Or if possible just concentrated thc oil would be cool too, any suggestions?

    THANKS kids <3 you all
  2. eesh regular dosing of oxycodone can lead you down a pretty rough path =/ check badkittysmiles edible thread he should have something for you
  3. i've looked at them before, have you tried any of them personally?
  4. Agreed on that brotha, oxy's can be bad news especially after being on them for any period of time.
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    Besides seeking out the best strains from seed banks and waiting three months for them to produce, or going to a a clinic to sample the best strains specifically for migraine pain, with the perfect THC/cbd ratio, her options are under-processing sativa dominant strains (if available) by using the capsule guide linked below, for more of an 'upper' effect, while hopefully at the same time more or less treating her migraine headaches and pain.

    Capsules are the best option; they have a faster, and more powerful onset than most edibles, and she'll also probably want to limit, or have more control over her sugar and chocolate intake, so that means candies and brownies are out.

    As a short amount of time passes she will notice that while her tolerance improves, she can take larger quantities of more well-processed material, even leaning towards indica strains, which can eventually leave her more or entirely functional, while at the same time still better treating her pain.

    This coinciding 'improved tolerance and treatment' effect, is very unlike many prescription medications, which tend to require 'more and more' to achieve the desired effect until they become entirely ineffective, as your tolerance grows, and your (often, only perceived) functionality improves.


    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Bioavailable Hash & Canna Oils, Edibles, Drinkables, and more...




    I recommend using hash, but herb works just as well and may be ideal for someone with a lower tolerance, who would like to start out slow. The main difference being the quantity/potency, per unit of the resulting oil (meaning, more capsules may be required per dose).


    Hope this helps, good luck! :)

    edit - And again, if she is in a location where she may have legal access to medical strains, they would likely be her best option, and they will vary somewhat based on her location.
  6. alright thanks for the help, capsules and sativa, i understand most things about the stuff just looking for the best suggestions, thanks all

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