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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ShelMikedMu, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. howdy folks...this is an interesting thng for me, I want to vote for the right I was looking up info. I decide to post it here so we can look at who is the right person to oust mr bush (tyrant) from office.

    I think Kerry is closest.

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  2. You need to look harder than thet because Dennis Kusinich(sp?) is for legalizing pot! I would be suprised if any stoner didn't vote for him. He also takes good stands on the other issues.
  3. Voting is a big tihng, dont vote for them just cause of their stance on marijuana, they will be governing you...they might approve of marijuana but have shitty agendas for everything else....

  4. but you have to be real too. Kuchinik hasn't even placed in any poll. he has absolutely no chance in earth to win anything. Kerry has good chance and even leads bush in polls!!

    there seems to be only one choice to me..even though i don't like most of these guys :(
  5. you can't just vote for the best guy if you want to get things done. You have to vote for the best guy that other people are voting for. Watch the polls and decide who's closest to want you want.
  6. Fuck presidential candiates. None of them have the balls to propose a bill repealing prohibition. Vote for pro-herb repersenatives and senators. Then we can get something done.
  7. if i decide to vote, im probably voting kerry.
    (anybodys better than bush)
    the candidate for legalization may be a good candidate but most likely doesnt have much chance of winning. kerry seems like he'd do a good job, we dont need a president making decisions on his daddys unfinished business or religious morals. weed is very much a part of the AXIS OF EVIL

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