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Cancerous Foil?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VolcomSton3d, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. I keep hearing debates about whether or not tinfoil is bad for your health, that the aluminum releases "fumes" when brought to a temp. of 300-400 sum odd degrees. A normal bic lighter puts out a flame of 800 degrees or so, meaning that the said fumes would be released. When i smoke from foil i don't feel any excessive heat, or see black smoke coming from my bowl, or even a bad taste in my mouth. What i do know is that tinfoil is commercially used as a wrap for food which is also advertised as being able to lock in heat when put onto a grill, which is many times hotter than a lighter. Now prove me wrong, but if tinfoil releases fumes when put above 300 degrees, then wouldn't the food encased in the tinfoil be smoked with cancer-causing fumes? I mean tinfoil is marketed as a safe product to cook your food with, so why is their rumors of cancer when you smoke from an aluminum pipe or bowl? If anyone could shed some light on this i would really appreciate it.
  2. theres rumors because people are fucking retarded.
  3. i don't know enough about this subject to comment on the veracity of the statement; however, the food thing does kind of make sense if, for example, the only way the foil is carcinogenic is if it's inhaled. not all things eaten are metabolized the same way as things that are inhaled (obviously), so foil giving you lung cancer would have no effect when simply digested.

    but again, i really don't know the answer, so... :bongin:
  4. I don't know about the rumor, but glass pipes tend to work better anyway, in my opinion. They don't get so hot like metal pipes do :)
  5. haha, well foil doesn't cause cancer. the fumes from burning foil are harmful though, and you should avoid smoking out of foil. Metal pipe and slides are fine, though glass is always better.
  6. I would think that smoking anything too much, especially foil smoke, could cause cancer.
  7. Its not concer, its alzheimers, but not definitely. People with alzheimers have been shown to have an abnormally high level of alluminum in their brains, however it is currently unknown whether the high alluminum levels are a cause of, or result of alzheimers. Theres a few threads about this if you do a search. I believe that one side of the tin foil is less potentially harmful then the other if my memory serves me right. Search it.
  8. I heard about this, the side where it's not as shiny as the other, is the one you're suppose to smoke.
  9. Aluminum is very bad for your health, smoked or otherwise. It's not a carcinogen exactly, but you can become prone to alzheimer's disease especially if it runs in your family. Even if you never smoke aluminum foil or pipes, you probably ingest it everyday.

    In most cities they put fluoride in the water which is a byproduct of aluminum production. Not only that, but if you wear deodorant you still get aluminum absorbing into your skin. People argue that fluoride is actually good for your teeth, but most of Europe does not fluoridate their water supplies. Dentists used to recommend Vice Roy cigarettes for healthy teeth, so just because someone says it's good doesn't mean the research stops there.

    It's not my set of windbags, but I'd say buy a glass pipe or some papers. If you can afford nugs, you can afford a pack of papers. Save the foil for cooking, because while something can be food safe it's not always safe to smoke it.

  10. i heard about the rumor too. but even if smoking out of foil wasn't bad, i still wouldnt prefer it.
  11. Never use tinfoil for a bowl.

    I dout you can even find tinfoil anymore, because it has been reported that the tin can cause cancer and such.

    Although, aluminum foil is safe, so long as you change the foil after ever 2 or 3 bowls, or when the foil starts to look all burnt and black.
  12. smoking anything with any metal releases some bad gasses, steal is the best to smoke with and copper and bronze are the worst, even a metal billy piece can be bad, but not really, watever i dont plan to live that long anyway

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