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Cancer warning on MMJ label? Wtf?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pink Floyd, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. So my and friends picked up a sack yesterday and there's always a little sticker on the container that has the drug facts on it since it's from a dispensary. I was reading the sticker stoned and bored and noticed it said "Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to cancer," not a direct quote but something along those lines. The only explanation I can think of is the fact that it's meant to be smoked, and any smoke can be bad for your lungs, since it's, well, smoke. Anyone got any input? this was pretty weird for me.
  2. the only "cancer" causing from mj i think, like you said, would be the smoke and the tar from the smoke. But then again, i think its total bullshit. I have yet to hear about anyone getting cancer from just mj smoke. All that shit they say how "1 joint is the equivalent of 5-7 cigarettes" sounds like propaganda BS to me. They probally just put it on there so if someone does develop cancer, they cant be sued
  3. yep, my thoughts exactly
  4. Yeah...

    if you haven't seen The Union, then go watch it. It will clear you up on any doubts you have about MJ's safeness =]


    Marijuana doesn't cause cancer, it's actually been shown to do the opposite. However, it's smoke DOES contain some chemicals known to cause cancer, similar to some chemicals in cigarette smoke. BUT, THC has some sort of counteracting effect on these chemicals (or something like that...) so cancer isn't caused.

    I'm high, be nice.
  6. State probably makes them put it on there. A deal from the state to the dispensery to sell the product.

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