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cancer paper...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. erm yeah you know the cancer paper in cigars when u unwrap it..well does it really cause cancer or is that just a myth lol. its just a peice of paper how can it possibly cause cancer? im just asking because my friends dont unwrap dutches they jsut crack them and roll so i was just wondering if like theres a problem with that and theyll get cancer or me cus i smoke blunts with them alot haha
  2. Just a name. Nothing more.
  3. i was wondering the same thing me and my friends rip it off dont know why. Should we leave it maybe to have more room to fit more green? Does it make it burn slightly slower? Some qeustions i had :confused:

  4. if you're talking about the wrap of a blunt, then yes, they do have harmful things.

    unless you don't consider tobacco to be harmful.
  5. well you arent really supposed to inhale the companies that make them put a ton of nicotine on the "cancer paper" so the cigar smokers get a buzz....thats y its called cancer paper..cuz the nicotine will give u cancer or some shit like that.
  6. lol i know thats not true cus nicotine doesnt cause cancer i know what its for but i was just wondering if it causes cancer or is just a myth
  7. Probably just a myth, i dont see why they would purposely add another known carcinogen to a radioactive fertilizer grown tobacco leaf, its got enough chemicals in it.

    Probably just a name or something that tastes bad, I dunno, ive never smoked a blunt or a cigar... I'm a glass person.
  8. Chill out. Unless your smoking 3 blunts a day for the rest of your life i wouldnt worry too bad.
  9. im not really worried i was just wondering

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