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Cancel MMJ Card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by RatM77, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I have a prescription for medical marijuana and it does not expire until July 2012. Due to my own personal reasons I have decided that I want to cancel or get rid of my card. Is there a way I can do this before waiting for it to expire? I'm in the state of California. Thanks in advance and I hope this was the correct place to post this.
  2. It's like a prescription...
    If you decide for whatever reason you don't need it anymore, you just stop using it and don't renew the prescription.
    trying to get a gun or what?
  3. Exactly what I'm trying to do.
  4. I find nothing wrong when having guns and being a stoner, currently have a few locked up in the safe :)

    .44 Magnum with a far sighted scope, .22 Colt pretty old and heavy but hey its a collectors :), and a few other 9mm's, 10mm's. Always practice safety and never smoke when shooting out at the range
  5. Yeah but in CA it's illegal to buy/own a gun if you have your MMJ card
  6. fucking wrong on so many levels
  7. idk anything about medical cards but if your gunna get a gun id suggest going to a range and trying out different kinds first, personally my fav is the .357, i hit the middle of the target every time with that cannon
  8. I had a gun picked out but I looked this up before I bought it and found it was illegal to buy a firearm with a MMJ card in CA. so Im looking for a way to possibly cancel the card.
  9. If it's a state-issued card, I'd head into your local health department (i.e. where you applied for the card) and ask them. If it's simply a recommendation, then you're not on the CA database.
  10. unless you have a state issued card i dont think theres any way for it to show up
  11. is this hearsay or did you actually read a legal document saying this?
  12. #13 tharedhead, Jan 3, 2012
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  13. [quote name='"gumby420"']

    is this hearsay or did you actually read a legal document saying this?[/quote]

    Not hearsay. Official memo sent to gun dealers by ATF. Unconstitutional as fuck, but they wanna try it.
  14. this made me lol.... quitting cannabis for guns!... I would support your decision to quit guns for cannabis but I'm struggling on the former! :)
  15. I'd be more concerned with the ATF having my name on a list of gun owners...but that's just me :D :wave:
  16. why pick a fire arm over cannabis man? shiiit

  17. Honestly I think this guy is making a smart choice.
    I'd rather be caught with illegal cannabis than illegal guns
  18. oh this could be something for a comedy act...

    first day in your cell:
    cellmate: so, watchya infur?

    gun scenario;
    you: busted with a shitload of illegal guns but I had 15 pot plants I was licensed for, no pot charges from LEO
    cellmate: cool, cool... <never bothers you again, treats you with respect>

    pot scenario;
    you: busted for some pot, I gave up my mmj card for a gun permit to be legal...
    cellmate: oh...

    later in the showers:
    cellmate: ooops, could you pick up that soap for me?

    they kick ya out of prison/jail, to make space for the potheads though [​IMG]

  19. yeah.. but... if you have a gun, and you use it in self defense, you have to run away..

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