canadians, you luky bastards

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  1. Canadian “hemp car” to be on the market by 2013 « Marijuana & Cannabis Blog

    wish the US would finally do this, oratleast move toward it
  2. Fuck ya my first car outta engineering in 2014 il pick one up :)
  3. This sounds revolutionary! If we (the USA) went through with this, I could see a lot of people switching to one. I mean, why wouldn't you? Considering gas is on average $3.70 in the states, it sounds like a great alternative to a gas-guzzling, money-draining vehicle.
  4. Looks ugly but id drive a green one definitely with a giant pot leaf surrounding it

  5. How so? It makes awesome building materials.

    Now if it's fully electric (and efficient) and didn't need any gas or oil, other than veg oil, I'd call shenanigans then..
  6. its a gimmic because its made of hemp.

    people arent going to buy it because it is somehow better then other cars, they will buy it because its made of hemp

    im sure cars could be made of many useful materials, and we can already have cars that go 80+ miles an hour without gas, or combustion at all for that matter

    not saying there is anything wrong with the car, im just saying :hello: ehh car made of weed, cool
  7. [ame=]‪Cannabis Economics - Hemp Car - Hemp Clothes - Hemp Building‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    I don't know if it's true or not, but the pro-weed people say Henry Ford built most of the first Model T out of hemp.. Lol, and yeah, I'd buy it cause it's made of hemp, that's the point :)
  8. Cheech and Chong should get royalties for this idea
  9. yea totally. I dont see anyhting wrong with gimics. It makes life interesting.

    As technology improves, you start to see a lot of the same products, so gimics become the spice of life

    you just gotta make sure your remembering to put practicality first (not that OP is impracticle)
  10. What a fucking waste of resources to make a car out of hemp while it's still electric. The nickel in those batteries do more damage to the environment being mined and processed than a gas powered car will.

    Combined with the fact that bio-diesel produced from hemp oil is a much better idea. The oxygen that's burned out of the atmosphere from running it is less than the oxygen the hemp plant it comes from produces through out its life. It's a closed circuit.

    Much better idea than trying to further along electric cars as they are definitely not the future of efficient transportation.
  11. One step at a time my friend :smoke:

    Be glad we're atleast beginning to acknowledge the practicality of hemp, I'm sure once word gets around we'll start using the seeds for biodiesel, just it'll take some time to replace the entire oil industry.

  12. Consider the oil needed to keep the machines that make the cars, also consider the oil needed to make those machines that make the cars, and consider the energy it takes to maintain that facility.

    In a nutshell: Oil dependency will never die
  13. What you don't understand is that the entire process for providing the nickel for electric is destroying our fucking planet while we're taking this "one step at a time" :rolleyes: While we're trying to replace the oil industry, we'll need to turn around and replace the entire earth.

    Hydrogen is the future, if not biodiesel.
  14. Well this kind of stuff simply can't happen over night.

    As much as I wish it could, I feel there are people very high in power that have control over congress and deliberately allow for things to stay the way it is so they can reap all the profit.

    Renewable energy = no profit for the big corps.

    They don't like that and will try whatever they can to prevent it. It sucks asshole lol
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    Hemp is probably the best materiels you can make a car out of. It's cheap, lightweight, and 10x stronger than steel.

    You one of those people that calls everything a gimmick because you don't know anything about how it works?
  16. better not be using the GOOD seeds :)
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    Maybe they will replace conventional oil's with hash oil. :D
  18. Yet another great reason to move to Canada. :yay:
  19. so i assume your prepared to take all the hate of the entire world for the statement "ok no more oil...for anyone... anywhere... use hemp oil... starting RIGHT now"

    ya, didnt think so

    just because we know its not right doesnt mean we can end it overnight... live at least a little bit in the real world

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