Canadians.... Yongesterdam?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by yawww, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. where is it in toronto? i know its downtown... but where is the main parts of it?

    i wanna hit it up and get a bong... and maybe find some one with dank.

    reccomended places"?
  2. mainly on young st, ill post up a link of a place that has a map i remeber i saw one on some headshop site
  3. you may or may not enjoy droping by sacred seeds, i really like that shop. and make sure you go to a vape cafe:smoking:
  4. sacred seeds... sells seeds? or bud? iunno... lol

    and the glass store there.... sell good glass like roors and shit?
  5. ye theres enough good glass, and theres a glass blowing place next to sacred seeds
  6. i am guessing the glass blowing place does expensive custom whatever you want?

    soooo does sacred seeds only do tha seeds?
  7. yes a bout the glass blowing place, sacred also sells enthnobotanicals (peyotes, san pedro catci, salvia, wild dagga etc.)
  8. wtf is that?

    what about if i talk to them and ask them? would they lol
  9. yea they'll do it, they some pretty good custom work, my friend got one and it is soo sick

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