Canadians vote NDP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Zomagad, May 2, 2011.

  1. Apparently Jack Layton is going to legalize if he becomes prime minister. Thoughts?
  2. I voted for green party :cool:. I doubt he would. It all depends if they renew the bill or not.
  3. I had a vote-swapping agreement so I voted Liberal to potentially oust the Conservative MP in my swing riding in exchange for someone else voting Green for me somewhere else.

    If the NDP candidate in my area had stood to oust our Conservative idiot I would have voted for him.
  4. He has to renew the bill, he was going to previously but i dont know if he will now. In the government this is a touchy subject. Especially when you work with very harsh goverments. If Canada legalized the U.S may stop putting out supplies for us if they are hard done by it.. :( Theres so many opinions on this subject. This has been brought up plenty of times by NDP tho years ago. Im sure its not the same guy running it as it use to be and they have tried to back away from the subject. If someone could find some links that would be some great info for this thread.
  5. I just voted NDP today, looks like legalization in Canada is happening after all.
  6. I know there are a lot of complicated issues surrounding this, but I would think that if we did legalize, some of the money we got from being the 'Netherlands of North America' would attract lots of US tourist dollars, unless the US tried to prevent people from vacationing here like they did with Cuba.
  7. I support NDP as well , but i do not think they should legalize weed, because the quality and cost of weed will go down =/
  8. How so?
  9. Vote NDP.

    Every Liberal knows they want 2, they just vote liberal because they think NDP never has a chance.. but this time NDP actually does :smoke:

    At least thats what I did :smoke:
  10. Jack Layton will legalize weed? I highly doubt it.

    Voted green party.

  11. Would be produced on a mass scale and plenty of chemicals added to plants to speed up the process so whoever is producing it can make as much money as possible.
  12. Looks like somebody forgot if weed was legalized you are allowed to grow it, and how easy it is to grow.
  13. Correct, and they would most likely be shipped and shit lookin like Schwag bricks you wanna smoke that ? :poke:
  14. True but then if you are a dealer like some of us here, you'll be out of business :(
  15. Sounds like the US government to me. I doubt it would be chemically altered, it already grows fast enough. Even if this is the case, many people will be selling "organic" marijuana aswell.
  16. yea so even though as much as i would like them to legalize it to avoid legal implications, I wouldn't want it at the same time due to the quality and cost of weed if it is legalized.

  17. oh fuck off.
  18. I did forget that anyone would be able to grow actually haha :smoking:
    Yeah definitely there would be the "organic" marijuana :p
  19. lol@ people who vote for the green party why are you wasting your votes? vote ndp so harper doesn't fucking impose mandatory minimums for drug use and waste all of our tax money on huge prisons
    i don't care if the ndp isn't going to legalize, they should win
    fuck harper, why do people even vote conservative
  20. Supplies???
    We get everything from China...
    The boat can travel a lil bit further and charge you an extra 2%....
    Legalize it so all us americans can seek Asylum in Canada. Our government threatens our very lives

    Plus we would get to smoke weed to help with the post tramatic syndrome...:smoke:


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