Canadian Weed: is it legal?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr. Green Genes, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Does anyone know anything about the decriminalization of pot in Canada. I keep hearing contradictory statements being made. Is it legal? Is it going to be legal? For who is it going to be legal? Any reliable news would be good news. Thanks.
  2. well fellow canadian, let me fill you in...

    As of right now pot has NOT been decriminalized, contrary to some recent speculation. The reason why this speculation started was due to a case involving a teen where the judge dismissed the case after the teen's lawyer pointed out that canada has no laws against the possesion of small amounts of marijuana. However, this case is unique and isolated for that matter...the judge used his/her discretion yet another judge may not rule in the favour of the defendant. Basically at this point the debate over weed is still in the be careful! :)

  3. If pot were decriminilized, how will the multi-national corporations hold a persons job at bay, through drug testing, and furthermore, what about the government "Lackeys," BATF...FBI...CIA...What becomes of their jobs,...Protecting us from ourselves?

    Seriously folks...When cannibis is legal...The game is over...and how can you tax something that you can grow as easily as pot? The CIA has been using drugs as long as I can remember to finance "black box" projects! mostly the white varieties of drugs, but I highly suspect the movement of large quantities of pot are still under the watchful eye of renegade government people.
  4. we're talkin about canada
  5. Fly Boy, I was asking if anyone has hard facts about the decriminalization of pot in Canada. There has been much talk about it lately and I have been out of the country. Wanted to know if there was anymore info that had come up. As far as "black box", correct me if I am wrong it is "black ops", black as in operations. Not box as in the dark container I cure my buds in. Just kidding man. Anyway, I have found the info I was looking for in old papers. Thanks everyone anyway.
  6. They're really are not many... In Canada though Marijuana possesion ( in small quantity ) is not a felony it's merely a misdemeanor, so it comes to the judges decision once again... In most parts of BC although it is illegal It is not enforced strictly, it is very common to have balcony gardens, 5-6 plants per person and even though this can be seen and confiscated again it is not strictly enforced... That's as far as I know on how it works as of now... NExt to decrimilizatrion.. .!!1 lol... hahahahaa....... it's such a cash crop why would a gov't make it legal... The legality of it would make it nearly worthless on a market, but it would be so beautiful for us growers that only wish to flourish for ourselves....
  7. i think that the cops only bust you for growing in canada if they are charging you with something else too. Like they wont raid your house just cause your growinga couple plants.:)
  8. Another ruling was struck down in PEI a while back, and teh decriminalization bill was pushed back to June/July, I will gladly wait a few months to grow legal, but come June 1st, those puppies are out there and growing, And I suggest everyone in Canada grow, with our lack of population and huge areas, I know people who have harvested over 200 + personal plants in one year without as much as a peep, find an empty spot in a forest/ field, plant randomly at good spots at frequent intervals, do it guerrilla style, because you must only visit 2 times, once to rip out males and fert for flowering and in Sept harvest time.

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