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  1. Yeah, so I'm applying for a Study Permit to Canada in order to go study at UBC. However, because I lived in a Middle Eastern country, I'm going to be given a medical exam, most probably including a piss test. I've been smoking pretty heavily the past week (first time I smoke in about 5 months this past week). So what I'm wondering is whether a detection of THC in my urine could be an issue for my study permit.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. No, no schools test for drugs. The medical exam is primarily to make sure you have vaccinations. Here (USA) every college student must have proper vaccinations before attending college, I am sure there is a similar system in Canada.
  3. Okay thanks, that makes me feel a bit better. It's just that it's not the school, it's the Canadian Embassy that's asking for this.
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  4. Not to jack the thread, but I have a question for u BIQ. Im thinking of studying in Canada as well, but the site says that u need to be able to show finances capable of ensuring ur survival in Canada for the duration of ur stay. How did u get through this? How much money did u show?
  5. My fathers a doctor and he's going to be paying for my studies, so I showed bank transcripts for the past 4 months showing that there's enough for my tuition.
  6. Ok so u simply said ur parents were helping and then showed bank shit that ur dad makes enough money? (btw, were these transcripts foreign or US/CANADA? Because my father can do this too but his business is in Belarus)
  7. I did mine as a foreign bank account, and then just hand wrote the currency on the last page of the transcript. I'm assuming that it was okay since they're asking me for the medical exam.
  8. Ok, thanks a lot. Yeah I'm pretty sure if they're into the advanced testing procedures then u were already pretty much accepted
  9. Hey BIQ, I am in the same situation now and have to face the medical test in a few weeks. I wanted to know if they test for THC. Thanks in advance
  10. Hey all, I'm from Canada and I would not worry about pot for a school test. I also host exchange students and I know some of them have smoked (or smelled of it lol) so you should be fine. Also Canada will be 100% legal in April so it's no big deal. They just want to make sure you are healthy.

    As for the money I know our students show support from their parents except one who had 20,000 CAD to cover 4 years of high school. Her living expenses were about 800 per. I don't know if she had to have that 20 or if it was what she just brought. Hope that helps.
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  11. Hi Phil thanks for the information. I've applied for masters in Canada. Hope the rules are the same for that. Anyways it was a relief reading your reply. Thanks again

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