Canadian Student Stops A Stabbing Attack: Sent Home For playing Hero

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    The Sun News later updated:
    <blockquote>The school and Calgary Board of Education didn't comment until Friday, in a letter to parents on the school's website.
    "The student who reportedly intervened was asked to remain in the office to explain what happened but was in no way disciplined," school principal Michael Bester wrote.
    "Two students were suspended as a result of their behaviour in this incident.
    "It is not recommended that students intervene in incidents such as this to ensure their own safety. There was a teacher nearby who could have been asked to assist before the third student became involved."
    </blockquote>It would have been better had an adult been around to put a stop to the fight, but given the immediate possibility of a stabbing, MacLean's bravery should be admired not condemned.
    Schools are conditioning students to not defend themselves and not to defend their fellow human beings instead call the government for help.

  2. Yup I agree!! It's sad
  3. Damn right James! If I had a kid I would be pissed at him if he didn't stand up for a kid getting bullied, especially with a knife.
  4. Police reliance state brainwashing.

    I actually was a victim of a similar case.

    When I was in high school I let a kid borrow money for a doughnut

    I gave him a 5$ bill. Doughnuts were like 1.25$ or something.

    He tried to make off with the change so I confronted him.

    He was black so when the fight broke out he got special treatment. I was seen as the rich white racist hick.

    They tried to suspend both of us. My step dad got into an argument with the Dean about the schools zero tolerance policy.

    The Dean told us the zero tolerance policy even applies to tape victims.

    If a girl got raped and fought back she would be suspended for fighting for her own "protection"

    But on her permanent record the circumstances wouldn't be shown. It would just say "fighting"

    Fortunately my dad was a resident doctor on fox news at the time so we threatened media exposure of the deans quote about punishing rape victims.

    I got the entire thing erased from my record. They called the black kids mom in. And made her give me the 5$ back.


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  5. Same experience. There was a bully who would constantly try and fight me he would make fun of me during class, and he was so popular even the teacher would join in making fun of me. The teacher even said once I looked retarded. I fought back against the bully and  kicked his ass, I got suspended and was beaten bloody by my stepdad. The guy tried to fight me again the next week so I let him beat me, I just took punch after punch and didn't touch him. They STILL TRIED TO SUSPEND ME EVEN THOUGH I HAD NOT TOUCHED THEE FUCKER, even when he had strangled me.  If there is one type of beauracrat I absolutely hate it is school administrators!
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    One time when I was like 14 there was this kid in my class (also a fat bully), and as he walked by my desk he slapped me on the head a little. So I confronted him and when I asked him what he did that for he just started kicking the shit out of me. His kicks were weak as shit so they didn't really hurt and I punched him in the face once. He fell to the floor and just laid there for a few seconds. He said he got knocked out but I think he was faking it. Next class we both got called to the principle and he was acting all innocent like he was just playing and I didn't need to do that. So the prinicple called the teacher in to explain what happened and how he started. They just basically said he had it coming and didn't punish either of us.

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