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Canadian stoners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xmwxlewis, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. wheres all my canadian stoners at?
  2. much love from ontario,

    usa can eat shit
  3. hahaha hows the bud in ontario?

    rockin the alberta and bc bud here bro ;)
  4. i'm in Van. i love it here.
  5. Montreal here, whats up bros
  6. Have any of you lived in the usa? I want to move to canada and want to know what are some big differences between the us and canada
  7. just chillen man. watchin weeds!
    now thats a good show.
  8. i know people that have lived in the us its pretty similar. its just the people in canada are alot nicer and its more chill.
  9. i have not. but, i can tell you that if you move here, you won't go to jail unless you're carrying over an ounce. and even then, most people get community service or a fine. that's enough for me to continue living here. oh, and poutine is fucking amazing.
  10. we got poutine too man.
    how much do you pay for your kush? i heard in the states it can be pretty pricey.
    my friend said his cousin pays 70 for an eighth in colorado i think
    30 for a nice 3.5 here in alberta. for some primo shit too.
  11. saskatchewan here. eating my cheezies and coffee crisp
  12. i pay 45 a quarter. steady price, but it switches between high mids and dank. friend of a friend grows.
  13. ontario and the scene is booming here right now.. were getting tons of high quality dank going around and the prices have dropped alot, its great,
  14. #14 Mgc1313, Aug 3, 2011
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    Cool.. Im really hoping on moving to alberta or bc. Canada sounds like the shit!
  15. Born in Vancouver, lived in the Okanagan when I was little, now I'm in Florida. Desperately want to move back as soon as I have the money.
  16. Here from boring Edmonton.
  17. why no stoners from Manitoba

  18. Much as I admire Canada over my own corrupt and ineffectual country, I have to defend our marijuana distribution networks here in the states from slander like this. Colorado has a large number of top-notch growers who practice their craft legally as patients and caregivers. Nobody who's friendly in Colorado is charging more than $10-12 a gram and loads of people are hooked up directly with growers and getting vast quantities cheaply.

    All in all the local cannabis scene in Colorado has at least a nationwide reputation and is probably one of the best by state in the country. I have a cousin who grew when he lived there and can tell you from my firsthand experience that although there are neighborhoods where you can't walk around smoking a joint and you obviously can't do it in crowded areas you can in most places.
  19. Ontario is really shining in terms if quality of dank. Especially where i live (the GTA) every person i grab off has dank :D

  20. hahaha same here buddy!

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