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Canadian Stick Icky *Macros*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Lo0n3yL00nz, May 29, 2009.

  1. Some Bomb Ass Dank From One Of My Boys shits crazzzyy

    heres whats left of my half o




  2. Looks yummy. How much that run you? Good canadian price I bet!
  3. ye it was $100 for a half oz cant go wrong lol
  4. Looks like the stuff I usually get too, same price, and its good stuff :smoking:
  5. Dank nugs for sure, that would cost just over 100 for a quarter for me :(
    lucky!:mad: :smoking:
  6. damn man those prices are harsh as fuck but this is dank and if ur used to it probably doesnt hurt as much as i think it would lol thanks for the replies
  7. Gotta love Canadian bud!!!
  8. its just not fair... I'd pay 55 an 1\8th for that here....
    course, half the bud in my state comes from canada anyways. :D
  9. dude that sucks.. i pay 25 an 8th
  10. thanks for the fruityloops serial number ;)
  11. 100 USD or 100 CAN? I'd have to pay 210 us for a half, and it's not even that dank :(

    makin me jealous man :smoke:
  12. looks real nice and frosty man, and wicked price. i'd pay about $100 a 1/4 here. i'm moving to ON in september, getting excited now :p
  13. sick buds!!! fruity loops is gay.. move up to Logic & Reason ;)
    ON THE CRYSTALS:yummy:

    I bet those snozzberries taste like dank weed XD
  15. oh man...what i wouldnt give to pay $100 for a half of some dank like that. its not that the weed around here isnt dank...its just the prices
  16. 25 an 1/8 = 100 a 1/2
  17. Good ol' canadian bud
  18. That's what i have right in front of me, smells fruity as hell.
  19. quite daannnk my bro

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