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Canadian Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Sliver, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Anyone know of any? This seems like it would be much faster for shipping, ya know? especially if you live in the Northen USA.
  2. BUMP

    Really? NO Canadian Seed Banks ship to the USA? That's weird.
  3. HighGrade Seeds
  4. I don't believe many of them do or atleast haven't been able to find one GL bro
  5. bc seeds .. I can testify they are great!!
  6. Whatever happened to Marc Emery?
  7. I believe Marc was busted years ago, maybe around 2001-2002? That was my favorite site by far back then.

    Greenthumb is another that I believe will ship anywhere, at least he used to.

    Check the sticky up top on this forum, and Greenman's list at

    There are several other Canadian banks that'll ship. Most require mail-in order forms
    and cash / money orders.

  8. Has anyone grown that Black Queen from them? WOW that looks like a cool strain!

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