Canadian RooR's Indoor 1st CFL Grow :) TAKE A LOOK!!!

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    Heyyy GC, Back On Here With Another Thread. This Time Indoor and as well its my FIRST EVER CFL GROW :). I have My Babies Outdoors as well now im keeping 2 inside. They are 1.5 months from seed right now. At 1.5 feet tall. Starting to Branch Nicely. I have Topped both. Did one with a double top and the other with a Quad-Top. I will Have A Better Camera Soon Just Waiting To Buy It This Weekend :)

    Strain = Belladonna (Both Female As To Pre-Sexing)
    Soil = MG Speed Release Formula (as well as my own Organics... Family Recipe :p)
    Lights = 4-40Watt 2700K CFL's and 2-23Watt 6500K Bulbs
    Nutes = Specific Fish Oil (will not mention..MYYY growing secret :p), Seaweed Extract (Used In Misting for Veg.), Grow Big, and for flowering Bud Blood and Ultra Bloom in very dilute counts.
    Using a 5 Square foot Closet with a big ass oscilating fan always on :)

    Plants are on there last week of veg then right onto Flowering my girls go :)

    Basic Pics For Now from my cell but will update regularly through journal as i get a better cam as well :) keep posted :)

    as well its only my 2nd indoor grow. All my grows have been outdoors.

    So Im really aiming for Success here :)

    Help me out wherever you can guys i know its what we do for eachother :)

    Peace and One Love!!! STAYYY GREEEN!:bongin::smoking:




    These Are Pics Of Heidi and Aphrodite :) Will post More Soon :)
  2. BUMP :):smoke: GOT PICS UP :) FINALLY after maad time of trying to figure it out.
  3. looking nice man
  4. Looks good, good luck.
  5. BUMP C'mon ppl take a gander :p
  6. So Here Are some recent pics Of Heidi and Aphrodite :) Heidi i LST'd completley sideways check it out :) And i find its working amazing.. lemmie know what you think :)

    Heidi's beautiful Fan Leaves
    Heidi LST'd Sideways
    Heidi, Top View
    Aphrodite's Topped Here. Look At That Growth from 4 days :)
    Side View Of Aphrodite :)

    Let Me Know What You Guys Think... i know its not the best quality pics yet but soon enough ill have my camera :)
  7. Man, Im looking for support on here but no one ever checks out my grow.... or helps. c'mon guys help me out lemmie know how it looks...

  8. Day 1 Of Flowering... Day 36 in total :)

    BUMP BUMP BUMP!!!:hello::smoking:
  9. 2nd day of flowering :)
  10. Hey Canadian, your grow looks great! We're both using CFL's from start to finish so I bet we'll see similar results. Looking forward to some better pictures of your girls! By the way, be careful with MG, I've heard it has gnats in it sometimes, which are easy to remove if you leave some potato slices in the soil overnight and throw them out.
  11. woww man, thanks for the hintful tip. i was to lazy for these ones to go get FF soil from my hydro store. so i figured i would expirement with the MG soil just to see how well it works compared to my loved FF. and as well i do have gnats which is kind of ironic now that i said i have MG soil and gnats come from them. i as wondering where those fuckers came from. although they are not as bad now that i made my closet the grow box instead of an actual box lmfao. but i will 100% do what you said and i hope it gets rid of em :) kudos man +Rep on the helpful tip banana :):smoking:

    and yeah soon i will get pics from my camera which im buying tomorrow. the Kodak Zx1 :) so i can film my youtube vids as well as have better pics for you folks here in the City :) So does the green in my leaves look dark enough for an indoor CFL grow?
  12. To make an attempt to get rid of the larva, pour a water/Hydrogen Peroxide mix into your soil to kill them. You can remove the adults in the potatos but the larva in your soil nibble on roots and their poop and shell casings clog your soil.

  13. thanks for the help gsx, i will definately do that for sure. but what should the ratio be for h20 - hydro peroxide?
  14. Saaad update :( I was away from home and our power went out so my fan turned off but the lights came back on.... and went for hours cause it messed up my timer and i burnt some leaves and new growth on Heidi :(:( i will add pics of it soon i feel so bad i hurt my baby :( i hope she can recover from this... Ugghh hate ittt.
  15. Sorry to hear that dude. I hope it hasnt hurt your baby too much. I have one practical question for you. I notice that you use gloves to handle your babes. Is it bad to touch the plant with your hands?
  16. Yeah i hope she is ok and comes back for me :). And yeah i do use gloves. No its not necesarily bad for it but you could have chemicals on your hand or just the iols sometimes can cause damamge on certain strains. so just really wash your hand before handling or use gloves :) its not a huge issue but i prefer to take the safe side with my babies :) But kudos man... i cant wait to watch your thread :)
  17. im shure they will recover someone i know gurrently growing went away to the dam for a few days and burnt the top cola a bit but it has recoverd nicely
  18. And i yours. I always wash my hands but to be honest, as a noob grower I am just terrified of touching them anyway. I try as hard as i can not to. I was workin hard on them yesterday and I saw a bead of sweat drop off my nose and drop onto one of the leaves. I was scared shitless it had hurt my plant, lol. I think im goin crazy. Its strange how attached you get to these babies. It is genuinly gonna be quite hard to cut these up come harvest time.
  19. Thanks for the up note mortiis :) i really hope she comes back for me i will let you guys know and show you soon whats she looks like and as well how well she comes back im on day 3 of flowering :) mortiis yours are looking good to :)
  20. Oh my dont even get me started :p I LOOOOVE my babies like no other :p they are my family. it will be hard to cut them down but think of how much they will love you for taking care of them and making them so beautiful they will thank us with the gorrrgeous smoke :) just treat her right and feed her and she will really reward you :) and yeah its ok to touch them no worries man. sweat has salt and water in it... have no fear that won't harm him/her :) and good cause i subscribed to yours cant wait to see eachothers results :)

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