Canadian RooR Outdoor Guerilla Grow 2010 (May - Oct) Blueberry Skunk, and many more!

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    Hey Guys. So I have Started My Plants on april 7th. They Are About A Foot Tall ( Most of them ) and are still inside awaiting to string of good warm waether so i can go a planting :) Already have My plots picked out. FIRST GROW ON GC!! CANT WAIT !!
    here are some specs

    Blueberry x Skunk #1 (x2)
    Belladonna (x3)
    Afghani Kush (x1)
    Orig. Purple Haze (x1)

    Soon to be Added: (Will have in about a week. just ordered)
    M15 FEM(x1)
    Big Bang FEM (x1)

    MG Potting Soil (With Added Vermaculite and as well Perlite)
    Still Need To Get Nutes Other Than Rooting Agent and Grow Formula's Homemade (works amazing for Veg growth)
    Fish oil
    seaweed Nutes ( mist on your leaves, works mint for colour and richness of leaves)
    In 5 Litre pots till moved outside (some will go on ground others bigger pots)
    Five 40Watt CFL's 1 6000K and other 4 ar 2600k (indoors only)
    Still need to get Mulch for outdoors

    I Am going to have pics up when my plots are all planted in and my babies are sucure at there spots. i have to so out to the plots today get more stuff ready cause my weather window is almost open :) This Year Looks Like Its Going To Be A Good Year!!!

    And Like I Said, its my first grow here on GC so i hope i make it worth while for you guys :) post help or comments to let me know what you think :)
  2. Well kudos to you on your first journal here at the City! :wave:+Rep to you towards a great season! Those are some nice strains you got there, lets see those babies! GROW ON!
  3. Thanks for the Kudos Ganja Guru. Yeah i cant wait till my girls just take off!!! And yeah i hope i make you guys here at GC happy with my grow. I will Post Pics On the regular but i just gotta get set up :) so the pics will soon come :)
  4. I love when i see a 1st time journal on GC. I'm so glad you have some good strain choices and obviously you know what you are doing. Kudo's to you man for not being like alot and just have questions and never learned anything.

    Growing is def a art and a amazing hobby :)

  5. Thanks for the Kudos Burned Haze!! :) Yeah i have been growing for about... 4 years now. but i just was recently told by my buddy who also grows that there was a frum called GC i came on here and fell in love with this place. So im very very happy to be here an so far :gc_rocks: lol. And yeah i cant wait for my babies to flourish and as well provide for me :) i hope i get a few fems out of the reg seeds. but when i get my new shipment in i will have 2 amazing fems M15 and Big Bang to look forward too :) i will have pics soon no worries :)
  6. Looking good dude :)

    What lat are you at in Ontario? Im curious because there is a slight chance that I'll be moving up to Ontario/Quebec and Im curious to see which of your strains finish up there.
  7. Im here in hamitlon ontario. lat is 43 degrees 16' North. Long is 79 degrees 51' West. our strain finishing time is around mid sept to 1st week of oct. not to bad but its getting shorter as the years go by :( so it looks like the Autoflowering Ruderalis is going to be coming into play alot up here in our northern hemisphere :p. and early flowering strains that will finish in time. but all my plants. we'll see how well they do this year around :p i will have pics soon no worries. just gotta get all mu current babies out. wait for my new seeds then start them as well :)

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