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Discussion in 'General' started by charlie067, May 4, 2003.

  1. k i heard from a few guys and seen some shit on the news saying [john crechan]the canaidian priminister how ever u spell the fuckin name lol is decriminalizing marijuana befor he steps down i seen it on the news any other canadians see this on the news kuz if u didnt i must be seeing things lol
  2. i have heard similar, that will bring them into line with u.k. laws as's being decriminilised here in the summer.....but don't confuse it lith legalisation.......(it's absolutely stupid, if you get caught, you'll get a warning, but not get the jail or a fine!!!.......but if they catch you growing it you still get 7+ years max).......why not just legalise it?.....or is it possible that this is the first step?..........when you think about it, lots of anti-pot people will be raging if it were legalised......but when it's decrimilized, after a few years, no-one will care.....and then comes legalisation....??.....just an idea).........Peace out......Sid
  3. HIGH All, here's the link to the story.

    Some people at some others MJ sites are worried this may cause grief to All who grow. I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens. Me I think it's a great idea that will only become better as time grows on. I grow for myself and havn't bought any weed for a few years now (not counting the time when we were in Victoria and bought a couple grams O.F.F.F. the street kids...just for something to do) so I'm not too worried if caught, it will hurt me some if what I do for fun gets out...some of my ummm customers I think would gather and burn me at the stake *LOL*.
  4. i am rather quious to see what happens in the next few years here because things r getting better and better everyday like all of my city's hemp shops and hydrp stores. they were never here a few yaers backk now there flurushing thru the citys in my province.things r getting better for the pot smokeing part of the public but the police r cracking down on anyone possable in the next few months just to prove that there still in charge i mind u the police in this city have been the same ass holes for years now and they do NOT!!like to change there ways they brake more laws then some ppl i know.i have never been put in jail but have been taken to the drunk tank and on my way in the cop car the officer ACCIDENTLY!! smacked my head of the car door,yeah right it was no accicedent but what can ya do a juge is not going to beleave me over a cop so there realy nothing u can do but anyway i just hope some things change around here.


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