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Canadian Politics (Re-Post)

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. The liberals were bullshit. They fucked up and got only a slight bit of what they deserve with the convervative minority. When you have a political system such as ours, where you have regular shifts in social policy, you will always continue to have such shifts. This mean that nothing remains constant, and the liberals have had their time, it's a social cycle with our morale and ethical compass as a culture. That is represented by the conservative minority.

    The conservatives, though i don't fully agree with their social policy, i can appreciate their strength and what they can offer our country.

    They will strengthen the economy, canada is doing even better ever since conservatives one. It's good for american business relations and the north american economy which canada plays a decent chunk of.

    Like them or hate them, we're going to be closer with american government, better relations will lead to great trade benfits (we'll see with the timber trade agreements). and they ARE the super power of the world currently. Unfortunatley, we have no longer maintained a neutrality, but we've neither provided severely strong support. We're playing the part that Canada has always played; Korea, Bosnia, Somalia, etc. This is nothing new. Weather we agree with their war or not, we wouldn't be Canada if we didn't respond with a 'Peacekeeping' force to assist in a situation [Afghanistan] that is unstable and civillians are in need, and with Shites and Sunnis are in conflict, and it's conflicts like that where canada has and is intervening.

    The reality is, the only kind of ideal government we'll ever have is an equal mix of the popular polar extremes: liberal and conservitives. Canadian political partys need to be overhauled. Their not effective for the times. The citizens has become slave to the system, as where the system should work for the citizen. it is a vital flaw in out culture and stife for democracy, because true democracy can never exists in such an unevenly structured society, where wealth (therefore power) is distributed only to so few, and only their interestests are the interested of the system as the citizens pays the bills.

    Haha, i understand if you don't agree, i have strong opinions. That's just my 2 cents.
  2. Right. But they want to criminilize MJ..
  3. Yeah, but they have minority. Liberal will push for full decrim or maybe even legalize to try and make a comeback, NDP has been on board since the early 90's.

    They won't manage to criminalize it again, i don't think.

    Besides, it doesn't change the fact that we can't do anything about it now. Im just saying, look on the bright side and enjoy what they DO bring to the table.
  4. My respect level for Canada:|

    Another U.S.........wheee........
    One's enough.
  5. Did you not read the post?
  6. OOOOO SHIT hahahahah

    Sorry dude I was really blazed and I read "closer with" to "closer to," as in "we are going to be more like the American government."

    Me + :bongin: + long rant on politics=:smoking::confused:

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