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  1. So any canadian growers know when would it be best to send new plants outside ? Got new seedlings and 2 older clones from the indoor winter grow and im wondering when would it be best to put them outside ? Im working on clearing out a nice sunny space with a lil bit of shade in the evening and need to know when can i put them outside
  2. I would imagine that Canada has a huge range of climates. So, you are probably going to get the best advice from someone local. That said, when nighttime temps are above 5C and you are several weeks before the summer solstice, you should be fine. If you are growing indoors now, you will need to transition your plants to tolerate direct outdoor sunlight. Some people call this process "hardening" your plants for direct sun.
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  3. Thank you and sounds good. I appreciate the feedback. :) By the way, there are always more local growers than you think. It's good to get connected locally with a few trusted neighbors.
  4. Yea id like to get someone that know or luves near me but most ppl keep it hush hush

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  5. Keeping it on the QT is smart. I made my first connection by seeing online that someone was giving away an LED light array designed for growing. I went over to pick it up, we exchanged a few insider words and quickly figured out we had a mutual interest. He's growing a different strain so we soon exchanged samples, etc., etc. Life is good!
  6. Dw
    depends on what province im in ontario but northern ont has a longer winter than southern ontario.
  7. U in ontario ?
  8. No im in new brunswick lil bit different temps but should be close enough right?

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  9. Hows the flooding doing there ? Not sure about temps were roughly in the 60-70s here daytime highs. Low 50s at night.
  10. No flooding in my area but lots down south nb im inceating in a greenhouse house ordering it on Friday so wont have to worry much about temps

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  11. Awesome happy growing.

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