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  1. I was about to go out and get a few things from the grocery store, and I looked to see how much cash I had and I held 4 bills: a 50, a 20, a 10 and a 5. I then thought holy shit, this is really colourful and it reminded me of when I was in Nebraska and some people I showed it to actually didn't believe it was real money. I don't blame them, why is the money so colourful here? I will also post picture because there is a possibility that people don't know what our money looks like. (yes we have 1 dollar and 2 dollar coins too) :)

    Sorry about the random high rant but this could be groundbreaking info to some.:smoke:

    missing purple ten.
  2. I've never seen Canadian currency before.
  3. I love how the dollar coins are called Loonies lol best currency name ever, hands down
  4. Probably the type of material. US money is made out of paper which means it has to be replaced more often so it would be more expensive to color. Canada and other countries use polymer which lasts longer because it is plasticy

    But some of the new US money has some color to it


    New 100

  5. On a related note

  6. ^Produce a shit ton of those and pay back all those countries you owe money.

    /financial crisis.:hello:
  7. did u hear when they were making the new 100s they fucked up the security thing on it and wasted like 11 million dollars or some shit.

    obama has his own money tho
  8. I gotta poke fun for a minute. I feel like on every american dollar you could apply the caption "like a boss" below their faces. Each one has a look like "fuck you." I see the canadian 5 bill and they are playing hockey. Who's bad ass now?

    But seriously, canadian money is very cool looking.
  9. I miss having Canadian money in my hands. Been too long out of the country. :(

    On another note, Euros and Polish zloty are also really colorful. Have some by the bed right now!



    Pics aren't mine.
  10. Loonies and Twonies....Canada's Badass
  11. There's a rumor going around that they're trying to develop a $5 Canadian coin... I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that's a bad idea.
  12. heheh, if you think that's cool, you should see Australian notes. THey have clear sections in them. Windows. They're made from a plastic material, so they're durable. American notes are made of cotton fibers.

    You can see the window in the lower right corner. Every note has one. Note they are also different sizes.

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