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Canadian looking for MMJ card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ToJ, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I am in the process of having mine renewed for another year. I will let you know how it goes.

  2. Let's keep the illegal substance in a place 100X more likely to be searched by a cop....
  3. Buy the kit I guess you mean the forms. Will after you fill them out. Go to your doctor get a copy of all reports go on line to a site called They will send you forms and also do an online interview with there doctor. Greenline academy is a register pain clinic B.C.
  4. I completely agree with you Bongzilla204. No one should be abusing this system, it's already completely dysfunctional as it is. To just say "HEY! I want weed without the hassle, so I'm going to abuse the system and make it harder for people that actually NEED it to get it. I'm a swell guy." No you're not, you're an idiot. Period. The only people that should even attempt to get this substance medically is people who genuinely need it.
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    I can understand your concern, but you should throttleback a bit on your tone because it's not for you to judge who should and shouldn't be using MJ, either inside or outside the "system".
    People want to have legal access to a drug that can be used for medicinal AND recreational purposes, so to deny that fact, or argue agaisnt someone who doesnt fit your criteria, is a bit offside.
    EDIT: read around the site a bit more before post #2, you'll see many different people here with the same common interests. and some without.

  6. I don't really need to throttle back my tone. It's the job of anyone who uses MJ medically to discourage this kind of behavior. If you want to do what they are doing, feel free. But don't advertise it for everyone to see. This is a public forum, anyone, including NON-users, can read anything on it. So MY BAD for not wanting people to PUBLICLY advertise they are abusing an already fragile system. My bad guys, that ones on me. :rolleyes:
  7. You guys are paying hundreds of dollars for some stupid kit? Theres clinics out there that will sign your forms for $500, why not put your money towards that.:smoking:
  8. Inquire over at treatingyourself !
  9. where are these clinics that you speak of?
  10. Google will help you find tons of stuff. Here is one clinic for example

    and no I don't work for them. I already have my MMAR. I got it through my normal family doctor.
  11. Can we get more info please?
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    Urban Grower 74 - Complete Show - YouTube (02:30 and up into the vid)

    or go direcly to: (seems legit)

    Watch @ 2:30 for the "injonction" he is talking about to support "designated growers" like it was before... Sorry for thread hijack

    Im not promoting anything but the canadian people's right about cannabis so yeah just watch the info as I just raw imputed it into my head a min ago...

    Basicly, we have until march 31st
  13. Guys don't even bother getting a card in Canada. Harper has made it very clear that before he leaves office it will be illegal to grow your own anywhere in Canada by 2014.
  14. this is what I thought. Too bad, I was liking him for a few of his antics, now he can go fuck his hat.

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