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Canadian looking for MMJ card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ToJ, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I have a licence and I can tell u that the most valuable asset is a doctor willing to sign the paperwork. If the kit actually does provide a list of doc's then id say its worth a shot but without some sort of medical evidence a regular doctor won't ok it.
  2. Easy access kit

  3. AWESOME! :hello:

    Please keep me updated! Maybe even take a couple pictures when you get it?
  4. Wow dude. That's... Fucking disgusting. Wait until its legalized. The medical program is for those with serious medical conditions, not for recreational abuse. That trivializes the sick like myself and many others. If you are not serious ill and in pain DO NOT take advantage of the system
  5. If It's not limiting u from getting your medication why do u care so stop hating on the young blood
  6. I agree slightly, I think you should have a legitimate reason. Though I also think that it shouldn't be judged by age. I believe I have a good reason. I honestly cant sleep without it.
  7. Oh and also, for those who are thinking I should just use sleeping medication.

    Sleeping pills do work, but they give you an unnatural sleep. When I take a sleeping pill, the next morning I feel tired, worse than when I went to sleep. Marijuana gets me to sleep without any side effects the next day.
  8. Actually it does affect me. It's because people like him why the system is getting more restrictive to access and why most doctors don't want to sign the MMAR forms. Medical Cannabis isn't to get high, it's to heal. Your life doesn't depend on medical access to Cannabis so why waste it. That's comparable to having full use of your legs but ride in a wheelchair just because you "want it"
  9. image-116744572.jpg








    That's some if the introduction pages with the b2 instructions. There is also a ton of of forms and some other information. I will be starting to go through with this straight after my exams which are at the end of January.

  10. Awesome stuff man! I've been looking to see how these kits are really put together. Would you suggest I get one?
  11. It even states on the first page, item 2. Do not lie. Already stated you have no medical need for it so going further and lying on a legal document is a federal offense with long jail time as a possible result
  12. Not sure if I would recommend one because I haven't done anything with it yet. The thing that is the most important is the list of doctors.
  13. Yes that is definitely the most important info. And if u end up getting a doc to sign off on it then it will all be very worth it. Its next to impossible to find a compassionate doc unless u have some terminal illness. But there are doctors out there who aren't like that
  14. Is it true that the Canada MJ license law is changing to take away private growing permission?

    I'm thinking of going for mine, but don't want to be exposed to crazy government searches or whatever happens to growers today.....? (as I've been told)
  15. #35 scoubaruhaze, Mar 4, 2013
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    It is true, It's illegal since 2 days ago? February 28th they said. Someone cannot be a designated grow if they grow in a private dweling... Most people didnt see it coming until february like me. People are still not aware of those laws.

    The thing is, it was already so strict to grow as a designated grower but I guess it took a turn to the worse.

    You can be designated grower if you comply to the Food and drug act and need to grow in a inspected commercial environment.

    This law is giving power to larger companies to grow MMJ and remove it from the people. It also prevent house fires from unaware growers.

    I don't know what going on RIGHT NOW with people that were growing in a private dweling. ( The thing needs to pass I think)

    - the 75 comment period is over since feb, 28, thats what it says and what I mean. I think we can't do anything about it until they release the actual forms.

    Also for MMJ patient in canada, here are the forms (HC website):

    Thats why the people need to look into federal Liberal party for it's proposition of legalizing marijuana. !!!
  16. Then nothing really changes...

    grow your own=go to jail.
    Buy from dealer=go to jail.
  17. Hello just reading your post. I live in Alberta also. I am on medical marijuana. It is not hard to get if you go through all the channels. By that I mean you have seen specialist and had all the necessary test and tried other medical treatments and none of it works. Get copies of everything. Than go to a site called greenline accademy. It is in Kalona BC. They will do everything for you.

  18. I didn't say anything about lying. I have my own reasons to get a card, I was simply seeking help. :D
  19. Sorry but I never mention anything about lying. I was explaining how I received my MM card is all
  20. It actually is not currently illegal to grow your own however in april 2014 it will become illegal if the government has its way

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