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Canadian looking for MMJ card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ToJ, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Let me start by telling you about my marijuana usage. I smoke about 3 grams (or less) per day, usually one when I wake up, one before I get ready for work, and one after work. Some of my usage might seem recreational, but honestly I cant sleep without it. I also have some history of anxiety and depression.

    I don't feel comfortable bringing the sweet stuff into my house for personal reasons. So I usually leave it in my car. Today I woke up late for work, so I never had a chance to blaze before I left (Thank god.) I ended up getting pulled over right outside of the hotel I work at. The officer did the usual license and registration bullshit they do. Then I opened my glove box. Bad idea. Right away he points out the glass pipe he sees. "Is that a pipe sir?" I said yes, then he asked if I had marijuana on me. I saw no point in lying to him as I was already caught.

    Instantly I was handcuffed in the back of his car, arrested for "possession of a controlled substance." Luckily I was at about the end of my stash and only had about 3 grams left. He let me off with a warning, but not before he made me step on my glass pipes and poor out my stash on the ground. Come to think of it, he even took my grinder.

    I ended up being late for work, with a boss asking why I was arrested infront of the hotel. Fun story right?

    So now I decided its my time to finally apply for a medical license. I'm tired of the shit we get for enjoying our HERB.
    I've been looking at a couple websites, some offering suggestions to getting a card. This one stands out, and I was hoping for an opinion.

    Easy Access Canada - Get Your Medical Marijuana License Guaranteed Using Our Easy to Follow Instruction Kit.

    They offer a kit including the health canada application forms, instructions, and a list of MMJ friendly doctors that would be more willing to sign my form. It also has a guarantee, saying if you don't get a MMJ license while using the kit, they will refund 100%

    So I'm considering it.... Any tips?
  2. In Canada the government makes it very difficult to obtain your medical card, the whole process in general can take more than six months. Heath Canada has no idea what they are doing with the program. They get documents lost and ask for more proof that you have tried alternative methods. At least they did with mine. I applied to class B with a diagnosis of a sleeping disorder and still have yet to hear anything from the government, but thats the feds for ya..
  3. If you want your card be more careful OP, if you have a drug charge within the past 10 years you are not eligible I believe. Glad you found a safe medicine to use. Health Canada it seems is planning on giving all growing rights to companies who will grow and sell directly to health canada while you are charged an increase rate. Makes ya just wanna start a massive 5 acre outdoor grow and tell him to come get ya. Good luck with it all.
  4. Thank you both for your replies. I understand it takes several months to get approved. That just makes me want to get my forms signed sooner. :) My main question is about the kit link I posted... Do you guys think its legit? and has anyone on GC used it before? I emailed the website and they told me that they did have a list of active doctors that are known for being MMJ friendly in my town. Which I think it a giant bonus.

  5. I'm not sure about that one website specifically but I have chatted with a blade here that I believe used a different one and they helped with paper work etc...

  6. Oh awesome! if you know any more info please share. Do you know if s/he got their card?
  7. Yeah they did I'll PM you the actually link.
  8. Thanks :)
  9. The kit itself is a waste of money. The signature is what you need to find, from your specialist who agrees that cannabis works for you.

    If your having a hard time, my only advice is doctor shop or pay for a crooked doctor to sign. I say this because Health Canada has already instructed me and will not release info on doctors willing to sign. Goodluck in your journey
  10. I just ordered this exact kit
  11. Post a review of what it includes when it arrives but my guess is it contains the MMAR forms along with advice to talk to your doctor. There are going to be changes to the MMAR so I hope you can join in the fight against them

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  12. Im in Canada and im pretty sure you gotta have serious reasons in order to be accepted, but good luck if you use the kit man.

  13. Hey, could you keep me updated when you get your kit? I'm still thinking about ordering one.
  14. That's correct. B1: serious B2: need specialist referral.

    They won't write a recommendation for something as simple as depression and anxiety unless it can be linked to a neurological problem and traditional medicine fails to work. Our system is not as slack an easily abused like in Cali. I have Tourettes and I've been fighting the system for access for 5 years. Appointment today to finally get referral to a neurologist.

  15. Not true actually. You need a signature, yes. But it can be from any doctor in canada, wither it be your family doctor, or a doctor from a marijuana clinic. You just need a signature, health canada doesn't check on the reason or anything.
  16. Ill keep everyone updated pence I get my kit in the mail. I'm only 18 years old and have no serious reasons to get one, I just want it. What are the best things to claim to have for b2? Wish me luck!

  17. probably b2 under sleep disorders. i have that aswell as some other medical conditions so i should be able to obtain my mmr if i can find a doctor haha
  18. Good luck! I really hope I get mine. Paying $5 a gram for medical stuff is a dream.

  19. Which kit did you buy?

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