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Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Hey hey, I've been thinkin about making a move to Canada and was wonderin' for all of those who live in BC how it is to live there.

    Is rent cheap anywhere?

    Can a US citizen find work?

    I heard as long as ya walk across the border and come back you can stay for 6 months at a time. The main reason i wanna come up there is biking. I wanna spend a season riding the 'Shore and all the other rad spots, and i'd like to snowboard Whistler for a season. I love cold climate and snow is rad. I think BC would be a sweet place to live for a year or two. Hell, all i need to live is a shack in the mts to live, i'm rugged.

    Any of ya got any advice?

    I just need to ride with some of the best riders on the gnarliest terrain on the planet to get any better. I feel like i'm ready to spend a season goin' big or goin' home(in a bodybag haha) and in order to do that i need to ride with people better than me so i can learn the uberskillz.

    If I concentrated on riding as much as I do now but had more and better riders to keep up with i think i could hang with the pros, and i want to try. If i don't do it i'll never know if i'm really skilled enough to ride that hard, and besides, i wouldn't mind utilizin bikeskillz to pay billz if the opportunity ever presented itself.

    So help me out, hook me up with a canadian's eye view on how i can come up there and live simple for a year. I can live outta my car if i need to as long as i can find work for food and gas money and bike parts.

    "Ya can't drive a house, but ya can live in a car!"

  2. GO for it man! Find a nice place in Kitsalano or near Jericho Beach in Vancouver. Both are close to all the great parts of the city, VERY nice areas with low rent, and hell, you cant walk into Jericho Park without getting stoned ;)

    Vancouver city is one of the only place in the world where you can go swimming at the beach, and then hit up the snowboard mountains in the night. A great place, great weed, i recommend it whole heartidly :D
  3. I don't think i'll leave the southwest, not for good anyway, but i'd like to go to BC and piss in the tall weeds with the big dogs, see if i can hang. I'm not pro, and It's not a big deal to try to go pro, but if the opportunity presents itself to ride for a living i'm there.

    It's just that i feel like i'm hitting a point where i need some incentive to push my riding limits and the North Shore is the epicenter of hardcore biking. Riding the Shore is like the Mt. Everest of ridng, it's said that if you can survive the shore you can ride anywhere.

    go to for North Shore biking info

    I want to ride somewhere where the terrain is truly scary and takes an equal mix of giant nads and upper level skill to ride. I want to hurl myself off 20 foot high suspended logs in trees, bomb fast lines through rugged dense subtropical mountain jungles, and just spend a year or two honing the skills that separate good riders from the best riders.

    I want to bring my skills back to the desert and wreck shit hardcore.

    What i want to do someday is start a hardcore mountian bike camp/school and try to make a living teaching urban assault techniques, freeriding, and advanced bikehandling skills. If I ride the shore for a year or two i got a shot of getting in some mountian bike videos and possibly picking up sponsorship. If people see me ride hard on vids n stuff and get real rad, i shouldn't have a problem taking on students.

    But to the point of making this reality, can an american find work in vancouver? I've got tons of different kinds of work skills so there's a lot i can do, but i don't know if i can legally work. Hell, it don't even have to be legal, i'll bust ass for cash under the books if anyone will hire like that. Maybe try and get a night job, restaurant work or something, so i can ride during the days. I can live in my car during the spring/summer/fall if it comes to it, i'm planning on converting it so i can do that, putting in a bed and setting it up like a micro motorhome. Maybe i'll sell my Nissan and get a minivan or an old microbus or somethin and live outta that.

    I been dreaming of going to the shore for years now, and i finally decided i should try to pursue my dreams of big drops, pain, and blood, and get to the 'shore. I will have been at my current job for a year in July, When that happens, i'm gonna ask for a raise or at least more work hours. If i get it i'll save up for a year or so till i can take a season or a year off. If not i'll prolly find a better paying job and quit, and just bust ass working for a while till i can get the money to live for a while up there.
  4. hey toosicks - good luck in BC man. i'm totally jealous cause i've been wanting to move there for a long time.

    try the HRDC (Human Resource Development Canada).

    you'll be able to find all sorts of info about jobs and such. if that link doesn't work, just search hrdc

    hope this helps! :)
  5. i spent a week snowboarding in whistler over spring break. i also drank a lot of beer without being carded, and me and my friends went through 2 oz's of amazing bc bud.
    as for the mountain...... its fucking incredible, theres also a great skatepark in town and a dirt jump course for bmx and an area for mountain biking, its badass
  6. I applied for some jobs today. I'm gonna get a second job and just save a grip 'o cash so i can live up there for like 6 months or even a whole year, and just ride.

    I've been looking for work info and it looks like it's pretty hard for an american to get work unless it's in sum hi-tech field. I just wanna wash dishes or be a janitor or somethin at night and ride during thr day, so i guess if i just save up for a while and go up there. I can live in my car as long as i got money for food, gas, bud, and bike parts. Hopefully i can get a job soon so i can start getting the bike i need and the cash saved up.

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