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    Hey everyone!

    I live in Canada and have been recently taking advantage of legalization!

    I have been trying many different strains from different suppliers, mostly just asking for the strongest they happen to have in the store that day. I want that shit that killed Bowie, you know what I'm sayin'?


    This forum is for people who have questions, experiences, photos, packaging, stories, reviews of legal strains, growing and possession laws, and anything else about legalization.

    Thanks for checking this out and feel free to post a question or comment!

    Also check out my grow journal and other forum threads on my profile!

    Viva Legalization!!!

  2. Some examples of legal cannabis packaging from eastern Canada! 20181118_162707.jpg 20181118_163215.jpg 20181118_163244(0).jpg 20181118_163455.jpg 20181118_163134.jpg 20181118_163020(0).jpg 20181118_162821(0).jpg 20181118_162936.jpg 20181118_162902.jpg
  3. Try different strains and see what you like. Look on and read about some of the strains and see what has the attributes you like. THC is of course a pretty good indicator of potency usually but it's not everything. More THC does not mean that it will be a more enjoyable smoke automatically it doesn't even necessarily mean it will get you more high. There's more factors to it than that (other cannabanoids, terpenes, your biology, personal preference, etc.)

    Also not all weed of a strain is created equal. There's different phenotypes (basically variations in the strain), how it's grown, cured, all that. Not every white widow is going to be the same seed from the same mother plant and breeder so there will be differences. Strains are more of a general classification to go off and you can pretty well rely on that information most of the time but it's not the be all end all either.

    TL;DR Basically just try different strains and see what works for you and you enjoy
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  4. The people at the dispensary are very knowledgable and kind in my city. They always ask alot of questions and try to get the right strain for the effects you are looking for. Unfortunately, they are limited to how many strains they have due to the lack of product from the ridiculously low estimates of how much weed people in Canada smoke! Lol!

    I have been smoking for a little over 15 years, so I've come across alot of different kinds. It's actually kind of cool to know where your product came from, what strain it is, its stats, etc., as opposed to getting random bag weed from the shady hood rat down the block lol... not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Now is a great time for the opportunity to try strains that maybe you've heard of before but would never get a chance to try out, other than ordering online and having to wait.
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  5. Couple more packages. They come with the same duty paid stickers as cigarettes, only it says Cannabis. Cool! 20181119_004259.jpg 20181118_182454(0).jpg
  6. Yeah absolutely man. My state will hopefully pass recreational in the upcoming month(s). Ever since I started smoking I've wanted to know what strain I'm getting and knowing the THC and CBD and having access to exactly what I want would be awesome. Growing would be even better but I don't think our governor wants to allow it which sucks if that's the case. But legal weed is still a major win no matter what.
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  7. Tried some new stuff today!

    Woooooo! Pink kush indica is gggggreat!

    Dark, dense, sugary buds that have a very distinct odor and smokes very smooth and burns white ash.

  8. Is cannabis packaging similar across Canada? Can someone show me what they got at their local dispensary in one of the provinces in Canada?
  9. Just be carefull with employers.
    I had an incident at work,was given a breath test,and a swab which I passed and then they pulled out a piss test which I failed.
    My work changed their policy after legalization,the policy states that I cannot smoke weed before going into work,I cannot smoke weed in work,and I cannot take weed into work,it does not say anywhere that I cannot smoke outside of work,my supervisor and union reps both pointed this out to me after the incident.
    I am the test case as the first employee to fail a piss test since legalization,I feel that as I passed the swab I should not have been piss tested going by my employers new policy regarding weed.
    I will find out next week what is going to happen,I am hoping that they admit they have to change procedure rather than they say I have a drug problem and try send me to rehab lol.
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