Canadian Legal LP Weed VS Canadian Black Market Craft Cannabis

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Canadian Legal Weed VS Canadian Black Market Craft Cannabis

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  1. Black Market Craft Cannabis

  2. Canadian Legal LP Weed

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    Hello Everyone Me and a Buddy Got Into a Discussion Today Over What The Best Place To Get Weed in Canada Still Is When You Consider Quality & Price So I Thought I Would Take Advantage Of The Pull Feature On Here For The First Time and Put It To a Vote, What Do all You Think? :confused_2:

    [One Of The Best / Most Popular Craft Producers In Canada]
    (Price Per Gram 9-10 CAD)

    [One Of The Best Legal Producer In Canada As Of Today]
    (Price Per Gram 11.44-12.58 CAD)
  2. Why do you capitalize all of those words?

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