Canadian government cracking down on marijuana!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by canadastoner, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Dude , i heard this B.S this morning news .... and was like wtf .

    I live in Ottawa Canada and there were 10 busts in the last week !

    Now im paying $20 for 2.5 grams which is outrageous !

    Anyone else seeing the effects ?
  2. Nope, in Grimsby, nothing here. Then again, nothing goes on here :(
  3. hehe people in the US would love to have 2.5 grams of dank for 20 bucks.

    Consider yourself privileged
  4. man i wold be happy if i payed that much
  5. haha try 10 bucks a gram of danks in southern california, and this is the cheapest its been for a while. Don't complain man
  6. this is the first ime hearing of this:( prices are still same here for now tho.... hope they stay the same in the prairies!!!

    FUCK all our supplies come from the coasts where the busts probably were

  7. He didn't say for dank I don't believe. That could be just mids :|
  8. I haven't found that around here. Prices are up, but thats probably because everyone's grows are just beginning to flower. Happens basically every year at some point, but don't worry, the prices always hop back down :)
  9. The busts are bad news step forward two steps back
  10. busts happen all the time especially for half ass grow ops that people set up. Secondly, your prices are better than anyone else is paying in the US or Europe for that matter so dont complain lol:smoking:
  11. If those are the prices for dank than you are a lucky man, but it is horrible what the government is doing. It must be stopped!

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