Canadian Glass, Heady as F***

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  1. JFGLASSWERX blew this bowl/elbow/mouth piece combo for the Arizer Extreme (Q) vaporizer. He is blowin out of British Columbia Canada:cool: Let me know what you think blades!









  2. sick kinda reminds me of SALT.
  3. thanks man, the work on these eyes are crazy! i cant believe it lol
  4. Sick, its nice to see some love for the vaporizer's glass too.
  5. Haha this guy lives in my hometown, he's hella chill I've bought a few pieces off of him and been to his little shop, He does amazing work.
    Good artist to support +rep man

  6. I'm on some mush and wow those eyes are insane! Nice pics man, I'd love somethin like this on my etreme!
  7. very sick dude, way to support your local artists.
  8. Nice man thats awesome you have some of his stuff too! I love the Canadian glass and honestly have been trying to get as much Canadian glass as possible! Doing this to both support the Canadian artists and so i can help spread the word that our Canadian artists are just as good as everyone else!!! We can blow top notch glass too:cool:
  9. Canadian glass is good and fine but I have no idea what the fuck those peices do.

    Other than the mouthpiece.
  10. Thanks for posting this!! Great glass Im really jealous! ++ rep for picturess!! :smoking:
  11. they are for the extreme vaporizer dude, the big peice is a bowl thet holds herb, the elbow sits on top and you can attatch a bag or whip to it.... look up the arizer extreme vaporizer and you should figure it out lol.
  12. This is relevant to my interest.

    When I have money I need to find people like this.
  13. the art in the bubble looks like trichs lolz
  14. That's sweet man, CANADA PRIDE :D. Hey how much does this guy ask for blowing a piece like that? and do you have a method of contacting him? I need to get myself another nice handblown piece.

    Happy Tokin

  15. Kickass! Reminds me of Salt's work!
  16. Thanks guys! this piece is pretty damn sick and his work is fair priced! this entire set was only around $250! It was inspired by Salt/Ghost and it turned out pretty damn good! If you want his info give me an PM :D
  17. Damn that is WORKED. Sick sick glass.
  18. i said in title, heady as FUCK :D

    [ame=]YouTube - JFGLASSWERX + White Flame = My current vapor set-up[/ame]
  19. bump again, why not

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